Links vs Chains help!

So I’m new to the whole Street fighter game and wanted to know more about links and chains.
If I understand correctly links are not buffer-able and need to be tapped with precise timing whereas chains can just be buffered right?
so I’m playing King and he has a combo like:
J. mP, cr. lP, cr.lK, cr.mP, SUPER and I’m having a really hard time with it and here’s why.
The J. mP, cr. lP is easy but it’s the cr.lK that sometimes won’t connect. So I do a slight pause before it and sometimes it does connect but other time the CPU block so i figure that I’m doing it slightly late but sometime I listen to my inputs and its the same timing. How can I connect it better :frowning: ?
This game is awesome and I feel like once I master this I’ll be able to do long combos and dominate.
Please help! thx in advance :slight_smile:

Links are tricky. As you said, they do require much more precise timing than chains do. Best way to get it down is to practice the specific link. I don’t know how tight that one is, but many of the tighter links will certainly feel the same between connecting and failing. You just need to keep trying and do your best to learn the timing. I’m sure it’s not the answer you want to hear, but it’s how the rest of us do it.

There’s also plinking (or p-linking) which helps with some really tight links, but I’m not the best guy to go into that.

But yes, stay with it and keep practicing. Eventually, you’ll find that sweet spot.

There is a sticky thread in the Newbie Dojo that should answer your questions.

You’re off by just a few frames. Keep practicing the timing. You may just want to corner the training dummy and practice the cr.LK, cr.LP link by itself to get the timing down.

Also, keep in mind that you’re free to chain into the cr.MP if you’re doing super afterwards. You can cancel into supers mid-chain just like EX specials.

Thanks for all the input guys. Great community!
solid guide TB btw :smiley:

How do you do plinks in SFxT? The same way like in SF4?