Linksys router problem. Help!



   I recently just got Road Runner cable and i'm trying to connect through a wireless router.  Its a Linksys BEFW11S4 ver.3.  Here's the problem.....

When I hook up the ethernet cable into the WAN port, the cable modem’s “Enet” light stops blinking. But if I hook it up directly to my computer, it blinks and I can go online. I’ve tried calling my isp and linksys (THEY WANT ME TO PAY THE $30.00 JUST TO TALK TO THEM!:annoy:) The funny thing is, if I hook up the e-net cord to one of the 4 ports in the back of the router, the cable modem recognizes it. but it won’t recognize it if i hook it up to the WAN…wtf is that shit about.

My friend told me that my router is old and I need a new one, if this is so does anyone know a good router I can use? I’ve had this one for a while now and maybe I do need an upgrade.

I appreciate the time you took to read my problem and I hope someone knows how I can fix it.


I have a linksys WRT54G v5, and it wokrs pretty well, and you can pay for almost half of it instead of sending your money to your ISP


I would say the router is faulty.


Yea i’m thinking the same thing Akuma, its just that… ok let me explain:

  1. I went from Cable to Dsl and Back to cable.
  2. I had Cable and Dsl at the same time for about 2 days
  3. The router worked with the cable but not the Dsl
  4. And now it doesn’t work with the cable.

King I might have to go out and buy a router like yours and just hope for the best. thanks for your replies.

If anyone else knows anymore information on how to help or router suggestions please post it.


Is the cable modem that came with your Road Runner service a modem/router combo? A lot of services are now providing the combo types to make home networking “easier.” If this is the case, connecting the ethernet cable from the modem to the WAN port of the Linksys will not work. With the combo types, you can actually connect the ethernet cable from the modem into a switch and expand the number of wired ports you can have. The same can be done with the wireless router.

Your Linksys is most likely a router/switch combo. What you need to do is disable DHCP on your Linksys (turning it into a switch only), give it a home IP address that is different from the cable modem (e.g. Set up the SSID, encryption, key, and you should be good to go. What you have essentially done is turned your Linksys into an access point. Cool huh?

Now, if your cable modem is NOT a modem/router combo, the problem might be in your Linksys settings. The Linksys has some fields you need to set based on the type of service you have. You may have to specify if you have a static or dynamic IP and maybe even put in a username and password. I would at least try messing with the settings on the Linksys first and if you mess up, there is always that magical reset button on the Linksys. lol.


they are easy to use and really cheap, i play on xbox live, and i found that the wireless bridge is alot more expensive than my router.