Liquid Fists Request Thread!


  1. No tag/av whoring

  2. Make simple requests, DO NOT ask for something like this: Wolverine chopping up onions and making pancakes.

  3. I do make animated avatars, but do not like to anymore.

recent work.//

Yo, I need a 120x120 av, not animated. Use a pic if you want, if not just abstract and put Sev on it in the lower left corner.

im new at this so if you could help me make an avatar of this pic…

That’s the spirit. :smiley:

ok… i’ll do Tiger’s and Dark Milo’s

Only 3 requests left.

Tigers and Dark milos requests are done.

Dark… the pic you gave me was horrible. Did the best i could.

Thanks even though it looks like a camel jockey.

:lol: :lol: :lol:

thanks :slight_smile:

i can change it. :bluu:

can i get an av of magnus with purple flames swirling around him and have it say dragongod and Team decepticons. :slight_smile:

I need a new AV with the anime Character Naruto. If possible i would like a pose of him when he gets chakra from the demon fox(gets a red aura(. Thanks in advance if you can make it.


like mine?

audioproject avatar = done, check post above

Nigga D and Dragongod i will make them gimme a few days

Just a quick Q: how come you request so much, yet never wear any of the stuff you get? You’ve been wearing that same avatar for over a year, but still request different things.:confused:

Someone already posed that question to him.

But, yeah if you arent going to use the avs people make you, dont request them. Its a waste of everyones time.

Damn that is a pretty tight Naruto Av. I wanna jack it :wink: . But ya im pretty sure liquid fist can come up with something just as dope. His shit looks good.


Hey I didnt know you knew how to make good avs hook me up:)

Ill talk on aim about this:D

The AV whore is back…

sup liquid fists? cant you come up with your own name? where did u get ur name from? could it have been ? my website there are enough liquidfists without u nobody is original anymore. jeez