Liquid Fists Request Thread!

About this I thought you were the real LiquidFists forget about the avatar then:rolleyes: ill have to get another one from my boy asiandemon instead:lol:

ummm ok… never even knew you existed.

uh “liquid” tpye names are pretty common just as there are “zero” type names. Think about that.

ok… im gonna get started on your naruto av right now :slight_smile:


Not really I havent seen many liquids on this forum actually the fake guy is the only one ive seen

Please, look at the names of the mods for this forum.

I never heard of that website, I have never seen a link to it in IMM or Gen Dis, and no one has ever mentioned it. So it is very possible he didn’t know about the website. I browse lots of forums and talk to other forum goers and not a single one of them ever mentioned

Thanks alot man I love it :D.


shit says its not a valid GIF or JPG file. Can fix it so i can put it up i like it too much :p.


Here you go, nigga.

thx for the fix… ive been gone helping my brother move all day

anyone else gonna ask for anything?

Oh Shit Man. Sick… Could I get a Dan av. Yes Dan… the bum…

ok… expect it soon

on another thread…

then your so dumb that you want to know how to delete posts…

friggin av whore.

no dragon i’m not.

I8- your av is done. :slight_smile:

Holla, Dan is a beast. Thx man

any more?

you think you could make me an msn icon of Ryu. it would be 100x100. i would really apperciate it.

ummm ok