Liquid Glass Spray

This could be potentially more important than the new ketchup packets. MAYBE.

So if I buy a mirror it’ll get me to Wonder Land?

Can i put it on my peepee to use as protection?

Maybe it could be used for sticks without plexis? (Like the SE)

My FIRST thought was the stick I’m working on now that I don’t want to put a plexi on, but am frustrated because it needs protection (the shape of the woodis very diff from the norm)…and I’m just waiting forthe fiurst dumb ass to test “breathable” by inhaling it…

  • :bluu:

That article is reminds me of the beginning of the movie G.I. Joe, this stuff better not be used to control the world.

breathable, environmentally harmless, non-toxic huh? nice

I wonder how long till “Liquid Glass Spray causes cancer”:rofl:

Cool article. I look forward to having glass coated everything.

Yea, that’s an urban legend …

You’re going to have some smelly dudes at tournaments wearing the cleanest shirts.

My first thought.

On second thought…I don’t really want glass near my peepee.

I can’t wait to use this for my car’s clear coat.

Maybe the liquid state thing is wrong, but isn’t all glass resistant to acids anyway?
They present it like it’s a hot new feature.