Liquid Metal Invitational CvS2 Results 2/20

Liquid Metal from Japan stopped through the bay area in kali and a ggxx,mvc2,and CvS2 tourney were held in his honor…Here are the results for CvS2…

1)Brandon Chaney "Dr.B"
2)David Dial "Gunter"
3)Eric Choi "Zim"
4)Steve Yoo “ise”

I saw alot of old friends and a few foes but despite that good tourney…Hope to see all the bay area players back next week…we always seem to have a few new comers pop in…lol…

  • Quoted by Dr.B

who won mvc2?

MvC2 was Steven, Chris, Liquid.

After playing at UCB I realized why Dr. B always plays there. If USF is the same way it’s no wonder he gets so many points… It seemed just like my school’s arcade… filled with ppl who normally just play in between classes and after school. Consequently, a lowly SVGL scrub like me got SECOND place! In my first tournament in like a month (maybe even more)! I even got to use my fun characters like A-Groove King, Beni, and Gief… :cool:

As expected, Dr. B beat me. But I predicted that months ago:

lol!!! yeah yeah…


Now you know what campus tournies are all about!

Gunter: You are willing to make any excuse you can…You put out the “Fuck Dr.B” video and I owned you…Just face it…and all that mess talk in the NW forums that you posted is invalid…And if you dont play anymore than fines…just do me a favor and stop entering CvS2 tourneys then…because I will own you again if you play me…and I dont want to hear why you lost…


P.S- For the record Gunter did not use Beni,King, or Gief against me…He used Sagat/Bison/Iori G(A)Y - Groove…

So Gunter = #6 in Pac North?

You owned me because you play the game seriously and I don’t. That’s pretty simple. No excuses. You’re better than me at CvS2. I never said you weren’t (I only said that there are 5 people better than you in the Pac North). Saying “Fuck Dr. B” doesn’t mean that I think I’m better than you… it just means “FUCK YOU” because you somehow think that I and “half of SVGL” have this vendetta against you when we only think it’s rather strange that you claim top 5 in Pac North when you never go to SVGL tourneys, and when you used to, you never even got Top 5 there. I only went to UCB because of Liquid Metal. Don’t worry. I won’t be going to CvS2 tournaments there again. You can have your precious points.

And for the record, I was using Sagat Bison Iori because I wanted to replay the match that I lost against Steve Yoo in my 2nd match. I thought I could have won it the first time, so I picked the same team. When I DID win, I just decided to stay with the same team against Eric Choi (UCB doesn’t have the keys to the cabinet, so it’s a hassle to switch teams), and then when I somehow won THAT, I stayed with the same team against Dr. B. If I cared about the game, I would NOT have put an Iori team against a Bison team because that match is virtual suicide for Iori. But I didn’t care, so I just played it as is. I didn’t even know until afterwards that I was in the finals. I asked to see the bracket to see how much of the tournament was left, and I saw that it was over. I was just playing whoever they told me to play…

Also, I never used Beni, King, and Gief on the same team (not good for meter management, among other things:rolleyes: ), and I never said I did. I just wanted to say that I used them on separate teams throughout the tournament. The level of the competition there allowed me to use lower-quality characters. I tried to use a variety of teams throughout the tournament, but towards the end I decided to just stick with the one team rather than waste time (AND TOKENS) on picking an entirely different team.

And also, if you’re calling A-Groove GAY… you aren’t following the recent developments in Japan. A-Groove has become the most powerful groove over there, and the majority of the players qualifying for SBO have been using A. I simply don’t have the skills to show A-Groove’s true power. I’m a translator, not a player. I translated the combo section of the official guide for my A-Groove site. I never said I was “A-Groove Master” or anything…

Good shit B for winning the tournament, don’t mind what other PEOPLE say. The most important thing is that you came out on top. Unlike other people who only know how to make excuses…“oh, I didn’t use my team” or “I wanted to save time, so I didn’t change my team.” All bullshit…I don’t know why LOSERS like to talk shit. I guess somebody’s jealous that he didn’t win. I’m not going to mention names though (gu…t…r).

gunter is an A-groove master
i seen it b4
i lost to it b4
the geif!

Well to some it up…if you still think Fuck me…then Fuck you …with a loss on top…and points are of no concern APEX is down and I still enter every week or chance I get…SVGL is a lot out of my way…and next time I go I’ll do just fine…Better than you would have…At your home court…


P.S-Dont try to teach A groove if you are not a “master” of the groove.It just looks stupid…And it’s only GAY-Groove when you use it.:lol:

Umm… I said he’s better than me at CvS2 (tho I’ll play him any day of the week for money in A3 :cool: ). I said I’m a lowly scrub. I said I’m not a master of the groove. I even said “No excuses.”

I NEVER said “oh, I didn’t use my team” because I DON’T HAVE A TEAM! I don’t play CvS2 seriously. I was just explaining why I used the team that I used because Dr.B happened to mention that I used that team. No one was talking shit.

You guys seriously have to stop looking for controversy where there IS NONE.

And Dr.B, my videos are basic tutorials on when to use the meter in certain situations. I’ve heard plenty of people tell me that my videos have helped them improve their A-Groove skills (which was the intent). You don’t have to be a master to teach somebody something. You just have to know the information. I know and understand A-Groove better than most people because of my skills in the Japanese language and because I bought a book and several magazines that describe the specifics of the groove. I translated it so that other people can get the information even if they can’t understand the Japanese language. So the actual information isn’t my own. I’m a Japanese language master. And AS a Japanese language master, I CAN teach A-Groove because I’m translating what the MASTERS of A-Groove have said.

What about how you give all these S Groove strats and then you play C Groove and roll super at Evolution?

The best one I saw was a double roll into super. Yamazaki l33t strat. Kick sand repeatedly and roll super.

I’m not a master and I give out strats all the time. I just don’t play seriously and I haven’t for a while.

If you grew up a little then maybe people would leave you alone. I’ve been following your posts for a while because I used to think you were pretty awesome, but obviously your play ability doesn’t reflect your personality. If your best comeback is GAY Groove, when he’d probably own you if you played the same Groove, you definately need to sit down stop making such an ass of yourself.

Dr B is lame.

cole is the only leet nigga

Race has nothing to do with it. Maturity has everything to do with it. I know plenty of cool black players… Cole of course, Hiro, Larry, Spider-Dan, Masaka…



Things are neutral between Gunter and I…At one point we were cool way back when…then shit was talked and the funk began…I proved my point so Im done with our beef until you start something else up again…then it’s on…Mummy-B…I teach S groove becuase I play it alot…and I even plaYED with Peachy in seattle when I visited…My Yama strats are alot different…and I have improved since EvL…And these other people who judge me and dont know me…cant say shit…about me…Cole is my boy and were cool…as well as Hiro and the other black and non-black players…I may seem like a cocky bastard whenI post…thats cause peeps talk alot of shit…and I talk alot of shit back…it’s natural…So anyone hating on me fuck you…To all my peeps…Peace…and stay cool…


whoa, “i proved my point”


“i teach S groove becuase [sic] i play it alot”

and someone else obviously can’t, even if they know more about it then 90% of US cvs2 palyers.

time and time

this is some funny shit.

good job on winning mvc2 Steven!!!

Naw man…you got it all wrong…whats funny is suckas like you posting and actually thinking your funny…:lol: :lame:


P.S-Japanese players dont even use S Groove…according to Lifetimeboy who is in Japan playing as we speak…another scrubber bites the dust…

i’m a ‘sucka’? haha

what da fuck now? i was just showing the basic flaws in your tiny ass argument.

how da hell were you proving your point? by getting owned? “OH MY GOD, HE JUST BEAT ME 50 TIMES IN A ROW. THAT MUST MEAN I’M BETTER THEN HIM”

shut da fuck up. don’t start shit for no reason. i thought it was funny how you are extemely oblivious of everyone laughing behind your back, but kept trying hard to make himself look 100 times better then who he really is.

was i trying to be funny? no

was i ‘proving my point’ that you don’t know how to read? yes.
was i proving that you were getting owned? yes.
was i showing your pathetic little mind that you need to read, then COMPREHEND what the meaning behind them are? yes.


go try to start shit now. maybe in your little world, you will always come out on top.

learn from mike tyson. even that retarded fuck knows where he stands. you on the other hand, doesn’t. i guess someone needs to knock you up a couple times too in order to realize that.

i like the way you think everyone is against you. when all they do is show you YOUR fucking mistakes which YOU fail to grasp.

if you twist what I am saying in order to feel better about yourself, so be it.

just that 99.9% of the readers, (everyone except you and your “homeboiesssss” with same IP) will easily see through your stupid ass attempts to boost your own ego into an ever-vicious cycle.

go have your friends fight back for you, cause obviously, you don’t have the balls to address none of the points made against you.