Liquid Metal Invitational CvS2 Results 2/20

Someone not using something does not show that its good.

First off…See me at Bearcade and talk to me man to man…

Are you a little dick sucking ho??? Yes
Can you say what you say to my face??? No.
Are you a little DDR playing internet Nerd??? Yes.

To make it quick little geeks like you talk alot and dont do shit…Of course peeps talk shit about me…half dont know me or just hop on Fat boys’ bandwagon…And you…your a no-name nobody…Im done with petty scum like you…I’ll be at Bearcade on thurs. talk to me face to face bitch…Or play me either one you get owned…


P.S- Dont worry my friend I’ll find you…

haha, you already know me.

if you want something, whatever.

wow, i’m so saddened that i’m a nobody cause i’m not top 5 in svgl. haha, what an accomplishment you have!

i’m sure you can tell all your family members on thanksgiving dinner that you are nationally respected as the top player in a video game.


shut da fuck up.

you seen me play ddr? haha, only pads i step on is after i fuck your mom on her period. thanks.

so i talk shit.

so do you.

oh yeah, i’m a ‘petty scum’ cause i’m defending myself against your attacks? whatever bitch.

i do my talking here. if you want something out of it, you know where i am.

if you want me to say it to your face, then ask me in real life. i’ll gladly say “FUCK YOU” loud and clear.

don’t be too happy you can beat me in one game. i can laughably beat the shit out of you in countless other games… (although most of them you haven’t even heard of. =( )

oh, one last thing.

you still don’t get ANYTHING, do you?

  1. address the points made by people.

people, including myself, bring up points. i bet you get ecstacy from knowing you are knowingly ignoring them for your own benefit. greeaaaat.

  1. nice comebacks.

everyone else, including myself, brought up real points in life. (excluding this post) you being top 5? “eddie crakk”? praising yourself? etc. etc.

however, you bring yourself down by making a random ass racist comments like ‘ddr internet nerd’. ‘geek’. OHHHH, shit. i’m so fucking offended.

not only are you brining up moot points, you are making up stuff just to make yourself feel better.

hi, i’m dr. b.

take your chicken licking fingers out of the keyboard. god damn tootsie roll. too bad you dodn’t even know who your real dad is to ask him for child support. that’s why you have to work your ass off winning 10 dollars a week at a local arcade in order to feed your 8 siblings who barely live off welfare. however, it’s a still mystery how your mom is 8000 pounds. i bet that bitch breathes in fat.

okay, and now what did that have anything regarding your total disregard on honest points brouhg up against your egotistical magic carpet ride?

nothing. but that’s what YOU do.

if you are a cumsucking pussy that can’t even back up his words, then whatever.

obviously you do not posess any intelligence behind that nappy skull of yours to have a conversation then. go back to your roots. chase me down with your tribe.






Bizzle, up tp a certain point, they’re right. You’re only as good as your competition, at least the 90% of times. If you’re claiming to be top 5 in an area but you don’t go to where the highest level of competition is available, then obviously you aren’t really proving anything. When I started playing here I got beat down like anyone else, but since I ONLY play where the top ones play, I got my name up in respect, and some people here consider me the top CvS2 player in PR (although it’s CvS2… it’s not saying much… stupid RC game). I mean, Gunter has earned his respects in other places such as A3, as well as in CvS2 for helping out a lot of people in A-Groove, one of them being myself. And what’s up with that G(A)Y groove shit man? That’s just immature. Just tell it like it is, don’t go twisting things to make people seem worse, especially with comments like that, which make YOU seem worse.

If you want people to think you’re a child, keep up the ways you are right now. If you want people to respect you, mend your ways and go to SVGL. It’s the only way you WILL earn people’s respect.

And for the record, Gunter really is a nice person. We had a few casual matches at Evo in which I saw his ghetto Gief (:)) and he got a Puerto Rico flag for his friendship. He won’t bite until you MAKE him bite. That’s all I had to say.

BROOD IS MY HERO! Rick man when you gonna give me a call? PR gets so lonely sometimes :frowning:


does that mean i own ALL of PR :smiley:

Does it mean I get to shave off your dreadlocks? :slight_smile:
Gimme a call whenever man.


This message is for LimpBiskit 666. i Go to school with Dr.B and he wanted to give you this message.

“Yeah you talk real big…and now you want to get racial??? I’ll show you what my nappy roots can do to you in full effect…If I were you I wouldnt show up to Bearcade when I’m there it may be bad for your health…I dont remember knowing you but as soon as I find out you…Ima handle the business proper…You have been warned busta…”


P.S-Who ever keeps banning me thx alot…I’ll be back

Dont get mad at me guys I’m just the messenger.

i agree with what Gandido said about Gunter; he’s one of the coolest people i’ve met through fighting games.

on another note, no one should fight in real life over games – that would be plain stupid!!!


Brandon says this to PClanadmin and Limp_Bizskit666

“Yeah PC your right Fighting over this is stupid shit…But when people like him who dont know me want to say racial comments then its another story…and since he stands by what he says thats his mistake…but if he keeps that shit up I will personally whoop his punk ass…that is all…”


And I agree that getting into it for real is crazy. Its just forums and tourneys nothing worth violence.

Hello. This is Daniel, the BEARcade manager.

First off, if ANYONE. I mean ANYONE even thinks of starting any violent action in my arcade, I will ask them to leave.

This message is for FearMentor99.

I don’t care what he was saying, those are only words. If you can’t handle it, I don’t know what to say.

All I know is, the moment you bring violence into my arcade, I’m going to ask you to leave.

Also keep in mind, the arcade is officially open to UC students only. I’ve always let other people in, but if violence breaks out, it is out of my hands. Do not expect to be allowed back in unless you have UCB ID.

So, this message is for Dr. B.

Tell your ‘classmate’ to only start anything if he is willing to jeopardize the East Bay’s only decent arcade at the moment.


dr b got banned?

dr b:

so now I started this shit?

okay, i even explained it to you that it was YOU who started the shit-talking, and that i was ‘pulling a dr.b’ by typing irrelevant information.

okay, go ahead and threaten me. i don’t care if a faggot like you gets sent to prison then get fucked by Bubba.

i’ll repeat this once again.



oh, and i like the way you take out all your anger. haha, why didn’t you say something back to tragic?

cause he’s a somebody, and i’m a nobody?

yeah, and what are you?

you are still a nobody. the only reason people even know you is cause of the stupid comments you made/controversy circling the NorCal.

whoop dee doo, you beat a japanese player that came for 3s. i beat countless japanese players when i was in japan, so i guess that makes me TOP 5 IN JAPAN

choi. buttooth. tragic. nelson (does he still play?). graham. alex. whoever i forgot since i’m never been to svgl.

can you even beat them consistently?

i know where i stand. i KNOW i’m not a great player, and i know i can’t consistenly beat anybody. at least i don’t go around making shit up for my own guilty pleasures.

you are still a nobody. NOBODY. who acknowledges you? sure, you are good. i know i MIGHT beat you ONE game if we played like, 20. so? i know people that i can almost never beat. you aren’t THAT good. so stop pretending like you are worth a bag of gold.


go win a big tourney. 3/15. svgl. go prove yourself then. i was LAUGHING AT YOU for the comments you made. i never said a single racist comment (until last post), i never said anything about your skills, (or as someone put it, lack-thereof) nor have i talked directly to you.

if you took a time out and searched my posts regarding your comments, (if you have the time, that is. i’m sure the ‘art school’ you attend is extremely demanding) you’ll see exactly that.

everyone is sick and tired of your shit. YOUR opinion is that you are god. MY opinion is that you are full of crap. so what? i gave a valid argument, bringing up mistakes YOU have made, but comes back with nothing more than ad hominem attacks?

why? because all the points were correct?

then take it like a man. stop crying and whining like a little faggot.

go cry and say how “much of a racist” i was, when it was YOU who started everything.

go shed tears thinking how much of a ‘punk ass’ ‘ddr playing’ internet nerd’ i am, when obviously fail to see where i even began to retaliate.

go suck on your mom’s breasts and be comforted in knowing that you are giving me ‘life-threatening warnings’.

obviously you obtain no brainpower to muster something better than roll super when you play as much as you do.

obviously, you also haven’t mastered the English language for all the lies you spread.

the only thing you know well is talking shit and violence, i guess.

they sure love that shit in prison.


LB plays ddr?
Lb smart!?!
dun dun dun

Limp_Bizkit666: Dont worry I wont beat a little bitch ass punk like you’s ass…I mean little salad tossing…lick your mom on her period little bitch wont get a full ass whooping…But when I see you a pimp slap will be in order…and I do talk back to Tragic or anyone else on the staff…thats why I get banned half the time…not like it really matters…so just be there thurs. for the tourney dont worry I wont go to jail thanks for the warning…I’ll just have someone else pimp you for me…lol…I mean if u want me to no prob lil’ ho…Just grow some balls little bitch and be there…we’ll see whats up then…What’s your real name coward??? Tell me know to make it easier to find you tough guy…:lame:


P.S- Dont worry Daniel FearMentor has nothing to do with it…and neither does Limpbiskit 100 feet from the bearcade…:lol:

Aite new post…I just holla’d at my boy everything is cool…:lol: I just thought about it and why would I argue with a SCRUB who admits I would own him and that he sucks…I mean how lame is that??? And to address all who have the SVGL issue with me…peeps think I only play at UCB…for the record I was playing at every Pac-North Arena alot and even at SVGL sometimes…Highest I got at SVGL was 7th and that was along time ago…I was playing at Gameroom,CVGL,Stockton Golfland,UCB,and Milpitas…including Portland,Or and Seattle…Alot of people dont know the full facts before they speak anyways…SVGL is out of my way and like I said before I have nothing to prove to ANYONE there…besides I feel since I have improved that maybe I dont want to give away how I play now…when I play SVGL players it will be at a big UCB or when I feel like going there…Meanwhile I will keep holding down the East Bay…and all of you can keep hating on me…damn I love it when you guys do that…For all those who dont like me I have so many friends and folks who do…so it matters less…Limpbiskit is only arguing to try and get some pitiful fame…what a sad attempt…now back to things that are actually important…



LB-Otch. i enter all tourneys as that name.

we are not talking about me vs. you.

do you even get that? HELLO HELLO

no getting through you at all. ever.

Damn LB??? Its you talking all this shit…I have never had any problems with you…in fact we’ve only talked once…fighting and arguing with you is pointless…Lets just both go about our business…And drop the funk…and if you want to play me in 3S,MvC2,or A3 I’m down…lets battle on that playing field…and any time in cvs2…


heh, let’s play warcraft3, broodwar, conterstrike. =)

i’m a computer nerd afterall…

watch how i somehow play you first round on thursday…

enter ggxx, foo~ =)

p.s- shit has been dropped. i think this would have never started if you knew from the start i was LB… i guess names do matter.

This is probably being nitpicky, but someone could easily translate that to

“The best I got up there is 7th, so as long as I stay down here and own it up, I can tell everyone about how good I am and they can’t argue either way since I don’t go up there and play them, so even if I did suck, no one would know.”

Just remember that anyone who is really good doesn’t go out and mouth off about it. When’s the last time you’ve seen an account by the name of ChoiBoy or CaliPower talk about how good they are or how much better they have become.

Dr.B, people mouth off because they are compensating for something (ex. the bodybuilder with a small penis). The more you talk yourself up the further you dig yourself in.