List of all AHVB'able blocked moves



Wouldnt it be great if there was a place where you could just go to, and find a list of all the moves that were AHVB’able after they were blocked.
Someone should make a list.
Id do it, but I dont have a DC.


I think all moves are AHVBable, you only have to learn how to push block so that you will have the right timing to do the AHVB. An example is Sentinel’s Drone Fleet (QCF KK) you have to push block the 1st 3 drones (or arms? are they arms or what? lol) anyway, and then do a AHVB after the 2nd one. It’s pretty tough to the for the first time, but it’s worth to practice it coz AHVB is really really dangerous!!!..hehe…cable can really kick ass!!!


Well, since you want a list, here’s what I know of and have punished in the past, Magneto’s EM Disrupter, Iceman’s Ice beam, BB Hoods Cruel hunting, Iron man’s Proton cannon and Unibeam. Storm’s rh launcher and Lightning Storm, Ryu’s Shinkuu Hadoken…and countless other moves. But those are just the common ones I manage to counter with AHVB.


Commonly abused moves that are shootable after being blocked WITHOUT guard canceling (but that I see no one try):

  • Cable/Cyclops s.roundhouse
  • Cable tigerknee grenade (superjump AHVB. It’s really hard to cancel into AHVB to counter for some reason)
  • Magneto c.fierce (if he has called AAA)
  • Storm s./c.roundhouse (if she has called AAA)
  • Sentinel s.strong (you’d be surprised how many ppl dont flight cancel it. I’m not even sure if it’s safe if you do)
  • Commando Jab Captain Fire (connected or on a hit)
  • BH S.Roundhouse from closer than half screen
  • Cyclops Super Optic Blast on a hit (This is hard, but worth learning)
  • Psylocke c.fierce/roundhouse

If you pushblock a fierce in a block chain, any special move they do afterwards becomes shootable if it doesn’t immediately hit you (or if it hits you and ends before pushblock stun ends). Psylocke s.fierce into fierce psishot, Cable s.roundhouse into nutgrab, Magneto c.fierce into hypergrav and Wolverine c.fierce/rh into BB all become shootable. Marrow s.fierce into Bonerang is too hard to practically shoot because if you guardcancel normally you have like 2 frames to try to AHVB before the last hit of the bone hits you (and if you guard cancel later, Marrow has already recovered).


Could the Sent’s s.strong be pushblocked -> AHVB even though it was flight cancelled?


you guys may know this already but anyway, when your opponent is in corner and you were able to AHVB him, and you ran out of supers (eg, you just used 1 level), you can dash towards him and press df+HP to do cables luncher and do an airial combo. :smiley: