List of all invincible AAA

does anyone already have a list of invincible anti-air assits or just happen to know. the only ones i know about are



metal wolverine

charile - even though its more of an air projecile, I think its invincible still. Too bad he don’t hit crouchers.:sad:

chun li - dont know if shes invincbile or if her AA just has great priority like morrigan\sonson.

sure shot:

captain america

cable’s AAA is invincible? this whole time i never knew that. I used to think all the instant Assists were invincible and the slower ones weren’t

I play the Ps2 version so I can’t be 100% percent sure about the Cable AAA assist on DC/Arcade, but on Ps2 it loses cleanly to Cyck AAA 9 times out of ten. So I doubt it has any invincibilty, or it would at least trade, it does have decent priority against other stuff though.

what about colossus? my friend is a hardcore collossus player and i swear that tackle is invincible for the first couple frames or somethin

i’m more than certain cable has invicibility on his AA.

about collosus AA, I think it has a start up time but after that, his priority is there. I’m sure i’ve tested this before because I used to play ruby\marrow\collosus. Can’t really remember if I tested it with his dash type or AA type.

just because cyke AA beats out cable AA doens’t mean cable AA isn’t invincible. I can get morrigan to beat cyke AA consistently and she has no invicibility. Its all about the timing between the 2 AA’s.

I’m sure that the invincibility on the AA’s are very small. Usually @ the startup of the move and only lasts for about 3-6 frames. Just my educated guess.

oh yeah i forgot about the fact that some characters are invincible during the whole move before the taunt while others only have invincibility for the first few frames.

Doesn’t the MVC2 Guidebook have statistics like, invincibility frames on moves similar to the CVS2 book, or is that info floating around somewhere out there on the web?

There are those with invincibility frames and those with just top notch priority on startup. The ones with invincibility frames are as follows:


Psy, Cable, Guile, Charlie, and pretty much everything else is just insane priority

Yeah rite, i remember being proton cannoned by ironman but i called a psylock assist so i was blocking and psylocke went through the proton cannon and hit ironman. I could be wrong maybe it was cycklops lol

but thanks for the info i needed to know that im like an obssessive compulsive disorderee. i didnt want to start practicing comboes until i knew it was invincible

Also i’m assuming since ur wording was so precise that u know which characters anti air assist is completely invincible for all frames up to their departure taunt?

keep in mind a fast starup isnt invincibility. cables is not invincible im sure, just has instant startup.

the only ones that come to mind that are 100% invincible are cammy and ken aaa

i was playing against the computer and it called sakura assist and it went right though my storm’s typhoon :O? buts it like a ground assist so maybe u knew that already and were just talking about AAA

well, it is an AAA thread lol

hmm i’m confused now.

so psy\cable aren’t invincible AA’s? why do they beat doom then as doom is already out?

Cammy is invincible to the peak of her jump or until she hits someone or an object.

Ken is invincible to the peak of his jump.

Psylocke is invincible to the peak of her jump.

Cyclops and Cable are invincible but only for a short time at the beginning of their attack.

Ken and Cammy are the only ones that come into my mind. Any assist that will cleanly cut through AHVB is invincible. Everyone else gets nerfed including cyc, psy, commando etc… There are probably others but they’re not important enough to list :slight_smile:

thanks. It is always fun when u call assist just before someone does their hyper move and ur blocking and they think they trapped u or something and then they get uppercutted lol

i dont think doom is invincible. during the beggining the rocks dont surround his upper body anything can knock him out of it.

psylockes psyblade & cables psymitar hits high.

Another thing that always puzzled me cuz i dont know how it works but say i call an assist and the assist gets hit they end their move and just leave, but if i get hit they end their move and do their taunt and then leave.

does anyone know exactly what happens

yea if the assist is left untouched the whole time its out they will do their taunt and leave.

i think cable beats doom cuz of his instant startup. if doom is out, and cable comes in, they trade. if cable comes in the same time/before doom will ride his whole spear. another thing is it will take a while for doom to come back down and for you to use him again.

as for psy, she DOES have in invincibility. but its very brief. if u noticed she can go thru commando sometimes. shes invincible the part where she jumps, when she lets her arms out shes vulnerable. commando just owns her cuz she takes damage badly and its easy to call commando right after psy is out. same with tron against psy.

the only way cable can beat doom when he is out, is when someone [mixup :rofl: ] calls cable INBETWEEN the two wave of rocks doom has. know wut i mean? doom puts you in blockstun twice if i remember right? and its like two waves of rocks you block? so if you dont fill the gap with normals an assist can be called, and i think cable can cut through inbetween the rocks if called right.

any other time cable gets called out while doom is already out, the trading action should happen

all of this crap is why it shouldn’t happen a lot, normally since i hear ur a strider doom player…them foo’s shudn’t be able to call that assist in the middle of rocks =) make them foos counter =)