List of all invincible AAA

This is slightly off topic, but in response to sealhunta’s query about the sakura assist, as long as a physical attack or standard projectile comes into contact with the shield on her uppercut she will run through it. I swear I once saw her run through a viper beam once though.

Cyclops only gets nerfed because people mistime it, or call it from too far away. Then when the invulnerability wears off, they die. Same for Psylocke.

Capcom you’re right about [although he has a nasty habit of hitting directly below the one using the AHVB where it will whiff…] Ken you’re right about, and Cammy you’re right about.

is cyclops invincibility only on the way up of the dragon punch and on the way down hes not invincibile. like he goes up and then down and up again.

or is he completely invincible for just the first dragonpunch and on the way down too.

and for capcom. is he invincibile until just before he unleashes the corridor or is he invincibile until after he unleashes it.

Cap isn’t invincible at all IIRC. Or if he is, then it’s just like a split second before his corridor is thrown out

can’t count how many times he’s been stuffed by a c.short or some other shit before he assists

This part of it is accurate. The rest of it isn’t. The second he reaches the peak, he gets destroyed. Possibly a VERY short time before that.

Cammy + ken = correct.

Only other AAA that comes to mind besides cammy/ken would be Jin. Im not sure but jin maybe vulnerable on his lower portion on start.
Cable and cyke are not invincable since they can be snuffed on startup.
Who ever said about mistiming there AAA, that isnt isnt invincable thats just playing smart :confused:.

cammy, dan, ken, cyke, the rest are just high priority and commando can get beat out of his aaa.

dan’s is random

and cyclops, i have seen get knocked out of it by ahvb, but it’s rare… most of his startup is invincible, i do believe.

If Sent does a HSF or storm does a hailstorm and just before u call cyclops assist, will cyclops knock them out of their attack. or would they get stuffed?

he knocks them out from my experience.

Depends on how close you are. I’ve knocked Sentinels out of HSF with Cyke many time, but you have to be close enough for him to actually hit them when he comes out.

Dunno about Storm, but I imagine it’s the same for her.

knock them out. sometimes they trade hits though.

Okay, so how did psylock beat cyclops, is there like one frame right before he hits that leaves him vulnerable, or was he in mid attack when psylocke hit, i dont know i tried slowing it down.


I’ve knocked people out of THCs with Psy. She definatly has some invinciblity.