List of all the set up for the unblockable

like the title say

list your unblockable setups

so far i only know
1.corner combo , into unblockable
2. unblockable as the other player come in

I know you can set it up in combos (seem it in combo vids), but don’t know the exact combo, can people share

whaz goodddddddddd homie where u been fool:D

umm here some setups…u need unfly tho

launch, sj.lp, sj.lp, FF, unfly, FP land, unblockable

launch,, ff,, f.fp, unfly, lk, fp, land, unblockable

u can catch it of an aaa and time it when they come down…but im sure u know that, i also have a friend who times it if u block cyc assits in the air…he lands the unblockable…shit is hella gay:bluu: :lol: …theres alot more, im juss braindead:)

what’s up man , I been around , just don’t go to CF that much , if you come to PA you probably see me.

good shit with the unblockables, but I have a question about the second combo , it that only doable in the corner, or you have to do it fast because that shit looks hard.

works anywhere on the screen… just hella fast and precise…

if u want more setups just ask dj-b13 for the setup vids…

man i wont be nowhere near CF anymore…i moved to atl, GA…wont be back in ny for like 2 more yrs:bluu:

listen to charlie goblyn tho…man is too good, he broke marvel:bluu: :slight_smile: , oh yeah u can do em anywhere…i much rather the 1st setup…alot easier IMO

yah djb13 made a really nice vid with tons of setups

Goblyn…shoulda came to FR7 man:(

nah; the actual combo goes more like this

launch,, ff lk, f.p, unfly lk, slight pause, fp, land, unblockable

if you do the unfly lk fp too fast they can block

u can unblockable off of anything mayn, juss experiement…u can unblockable off of throws, otg’s, etc…its crazy, sent is too good

damn man , I hope you do good over there , are there good comp in ATL?

also for that dj-b13 video what’s the name of it ? I’ll try to look for it on go for broke hub

yeah theres some good comp…maily my 2 marvel buddies are 50morecents and sorryasshell…both are beastly, ima be back in ny for the summer spending like a mth there…so we need ta hook up and run marvel:D

i cant remember the name of the vids…but its tricks of the trade chap. 26 i think? sumin like that…i dont dl much vids:bluu: sorry i couldnt help more man

:slight_smile: thx

i woulda but i just got back from mexico like 2 weeks ago :frowning:

i need ta get a job so i can get some cash… but once i do… i will be goin to as many out of state tournies as i can :smiley:

they can’t be in blockstun, right?

I still dont get the full picture on how a block cyke assist guarantees that sent hits storm w/ the unblockable

she blocks the last hit of the gensplice and when coming down she has no blockstun so sent can unbloackable her…

the unblockable is a glitch so it doesn’t matter, of course ur not going to be able to unblockable if they are crouching and blocking when you just do ur c.fp.

here is how the unblockable works, it is a glitch first off. the regular laser is two hits, the first hit is blockable, the second isn’t…the computer does not register (block the second hit only, it blocks the first and second hit when paired) the second hit, so the guard falls…and thas about it…for a more articulate person on the matter, and who probably knows more, ask charlie goblyn

if somebody could gimmie a way to unblockable sentinel better i’d appreciate it, all i can do is unblockable, hsf dhc’ed into another super, i can’t juss unblockable, rp, hsf sentinel, the rp gets blocked.

I notice sometime that when you just smack them with a sentinel normal jump fp , you can unblockable them afterward
but i can’t figure out how exactly it is done, can somebody elaborate.

I think it’s because the smack causes them to land on their back and during a short time frame they’re invincible when on the ground.

This gives you the opportunity, if sent is close enough to the ground, for the first hit of the spit to go right through the character and as the character is out of the short invincible time frame the second unblockable hits alone.

I could be wrong about the invincible part. . . cuz it could just be that the first part of the spit misses and when they stand, the second part hits.

when u hit someone with a J.fp they bounce of the floor and go up in the air, so as soon as u land just throw out the c.fp and by the time they land back on the floor they land of the last part of the laser aka the unblockable, i seen people do a j.fp when their sent is about to come in and if its hits they try get the unblockable off…sent is too cheap

Those set ups are good but they are escapable especially by alot of the top tiers. The first one can be escaped by cable he can do gun shot AHVB or just AHVB. Sentinel can fly off of that and punish u if u try something afterwards. Storm can just do a lightning attack upwards but she is open to a dhc to another storm. And mags can escape it by doing super and dhcing but if he doesnt sentinel can just do super and catch him as his super is starting up or before hand. And the second one is ok but just about any character can hit u on the head unless the fp combo pushes u back which i think it does then in that case depending on the character u can get caught or they can escape.

riginally posted by Dc1
I notice sometime that when you just smack them with a sentinel normal jump fp , you can unblockable them afterward
but i can’t figure out how exactly it is done, can somebody elaborate.

This works because the character bounces and lands on the unblockable. But i wouldnt recommend jumping fp with sent to much because u could lose unfly if u have and u can get hit by assist very easily into set ups. I would recommend jumping with him only when its extremely necessary.

she blocks the last hit of the gensplice and when coming down she has no blockstun so sent can unbloackable her…

And cyclops is like the best assist to set up the unblockable because if u get hit by the assist or block it theres always an unblockable set up. And storm can get caught by the unblock with the help of almost any assist like cable, cyclops, cammy, psylocke, or capcom just make her block them and as she comes down free unblockable. But she can take the hit and just get blasted into the sky and avoid the unblockable and float as she is coming down just incase u attempt to repeat it. Unless its psylocke since she just knocks u down into the beam and then rp hsf.

And in order to catch the unblockable on another sentinel u have to dash in a bit as u do it not too close and anticipate the unblockable connecting and immediately cancel into rocket punc hsf. U have to do it fast if not they will flip and then are able to block this goes for any big character

good commends, but I thought they an’t do anything after that bounce , guess not

so what’s the best way to set it, I notice that different characters’s bouncing height are differet. Like for example , if i do lp, mp, fly, lk, mk, unfly , fp to bb hood , she’ll bounce very high, but if I do it to cable he’ll just bounce a little off the ground

and I still can’t seem to hit them with a unblcokable after the bounce, I mean I do it right after and they are still able to block.

I was messing around in training mode trying to reproduce the scenario but when I smack them(big or small charcaters) they just fall to the ground with only a tiny bounce , and recover before i land , I did it with them normal jumping and super jumping and still get the same result ,
if there a trick to this ?

it’s possible to setup the unblockable from col AAA ? :confused:

For the first statement yes they can do something they have an action special or super or a combination of action all of.

The second statement. There are only to ways to set up the unblockable without a problem and those are when they are jumping in the screen and when u catch them in the corner with launch sj magic series dp rp fp pause fk land unblockable rp hsf.

Those other sets up are are iffy depending on the character. The only set ups u should do on cable are those that i stated above. On storm u need an assist like capcom cammy cable cyclops or psylocke to catch her as she is coming in because she will float towards u and the corner combo reset works on anyone. If u try the other mid screen set ups on storm cable or sentinel they can escapse it and most likely get punished from that also. On magneto all he can do is dhc nothing else he cant use his little air move to hold him up because sentinel can just go str8 to super and he is fucked and eon disruptor is useless here also because because he cant take the hit with his armor rp punch him or just do hsf which is recommended because if u do rp hsf he might flip over the drones and u missed ur damage. It can be useful on doom if he doesnt have a bar but if he does go for it and if he does his air super just fly and punish him but watch out for dhc’s. Same goes for ironman also because his flight sucks if he goes for unibeam just go for super and he will eat it theres a small chance that his unibeam can eat through his armor but doesnt happen all the time and the fp version of his unibeam takes too long and he will eat hsf. Cyclops its there are ways to catch him because if he does an optic blast in the air hsf. if he does for super hsf and the hsf will catch him before his super starts up but depends on how fast u start it because he can still hyper cancel once the activation starts up.

Cammy all she can do is go for super but she will hit the second set of the super and bounce into the third and then u continue the damage. And capcom does nothing he can do all he can do is flame wrist but he can still eat a rp or hsf or rp hsf. And psylocke she gets murdered to she will eat the hsf if she goes for psyblast but she has a chance of starting her butterfuly super off of that and dhc if the person is fast enough but im not too sure because i think the hsf will just beat her out as she starts up and if she goes for twist super i think she will still get beat out. So yes these sets are soo fucking useful but dont get stupid on who u do it too. These are good if the assist are coming out u can do unblockable rp hsf then do as many hsf’s that u need in order to dash in and launch the character then launch sj lk fast fly lk unfly fp land unblock rp hsf and kill them off or unblockable fly lk lk up rp with assist if u have it. For nasty damage. This is actually a deadly tactic if u get it down. Its actually then magneto’s kill tactics because its almost certain.

And now that i think of it its rather disgusting because i just figured out a nasty tactic for certain characters like commmando. This is it as he jumps out unblockable fly lk unfly lk commando assist they get blasted to the air and then dash back a bit not too far go for another unblockable and if u see them throw flame wrist then throw his long fk drones dash in call capcom if they keep throwing flame he will get blasted i he comes down the drones should be there already so they hold him up in the air call to hold him longer in the air unblockable and repeat tactic or if u have the bars go for the kill and the good thing is ur completely safe while doing this because u can get caught by a random tag the character cant dhc because of the drones and all that chip if they do land and u can rush him down freely in the corner. This is in the corner only and if u dont have bar if u do just go for the damage and free reset and this could work commanoo and maybe magneto too.

I just thought of something similar with cyclops. Or if not just do this unblockable rp hsf fly lk lk+clops unfly land dash back a bit unblockable and repeat. Now this tactic if it does work can be used on storm magneto not cable unless he doesnt have any bars. Sentinel can just fly and call assist or just fly and unfly be he will still be stuck in the corner and u can do alot of chip with sentinel clyops on him because he cant get out not if u do everything right. Now doom can do super but u have a chance to fly and punish him with a corner combo. Capcom can get murdered for free. so can cyclops because if he goes for super the hsf will catch as he starts up. Cammy gets murdered. and so does psylocke. So if this works either one sentinel can be even more disgusting than magneto in the corner especially if the first one works i will test them out asap.

Now if this works if sentinel gets u in the corner he can basically kill ur whole team depending on the team and will be better than magneto as far as resets go because u wont be able to do anything about it if its all the done correctly and if it works but as far as i have it in my head it should work it looks reasonable as far as the knowledge i have about marvel which has been since the game has been out everyone should go as far as i stated it but i will try it and give feedback if it does work. Hopes this helps out any.

Also now that i think of it this tactic can kill storm because she wont able to do anything because the way cyclops hits her im guessing she wont have any time to float and if she does then then it will be too late and she will land on the unblockable regardless. Even if she can do a lightning attack which looks doubtful u can call cyclops sj fp punch into him and do it again. Or if she is going to target u with her second lightning just sj block it she flips u do an up rp she comes down fly call cyclops and keep her done if she push blocks u have a way to punish off of teh push block in the air because there is a point that she is vulnerable. and u can fly and do lk low rp lk lk+cyclops up rp his beam connects either another lk combo or just grab and kill her if she doesnt tech hit.

PS: I just thought of something similar with cyclops. Or if not just do this unblockable rp hsf fly lk lk+clops unfly land dash back a bit unblockable and repeat. Ive already tested this and it works nasty on magneto and psylocke but for some odd reason the timing gets extremely hard to do on cable and storm have no idea why but i cant seem to get it on them