List of Assists with Invul frames?


I tried searching for a list but couldn’t find one.

Looking for a comprehensive list of all assists in the game that have invulnerability frames when you call them. If anyone can post a list or a link of where to find one that would be sick.

Thinking about creating a new team but want certain bases covered before I start investing a ton of time into learning new characters.


[S]Break the Witness and Paperwork Storm[/S]


Haggar Lariat


Not joking.


Hsein ko golden

Thats it

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And Phoenix Wright’s assists in tourna…oh wait.



Hyper Armor isn’t invuln. Hsien Ko gives zero fucks, but she’s still getting hit.


Doesn’t hulk’s anti air gamma charge have invuln on the start? Granted, you can’t combo dick off of it, but I think the move always comes out.


It has 1 hit of Armor


Yeah Haggars Lariat is the only one with invincible frames iirc. Gold Hsien Ko has hyper armor and nemesis and hulk have some super armored assists, but Hulk’s anti air gamma charge is the only one to have super armor on the first vulnerable frame.


Gustaff Fire.

Oh wait.

Seriously though, just Haggar Lariat. Nothing else.


IIRC even Haggar has a frame or two of vulnerability.

If you just want a fast assist that you can mash out in a slugfest, there are still lots of good ones.
Hawkeye arrow, Magneto Disruptor, Akuma tatsu, Shopping cart are a few.