List of characters Hugo can light normal after meatsquasher



My original plan was to make a list but I swear this only works on Balrog. I’ve tried it on so many characters, leaving some of them not tested due to smaller bodies. Has anyone gotten success with anyone else?


Didn’t s.LK work on Dudley? ALso, don’t assume small body = small hitbox, especially not in a weird situation like this. For El Fuerte’s restand you need them to NOT be big for example, because the big characters seem to land one frame faster, making s.LK too slow to hit them.


I see. Maybe later I’ll go back in and try it out on some more characters. It was getting a little tedious with every failure after failure. And I tried all of his light normals when doing this, too.


Without actually trying it out, I would expect it to also work on Abel and DeeJay since they both have large hurtboxes.


I believe st lk works on juri


Indeed it does. That’s huge, allows you to get almost 600 damage off of MS with full super if you manage to land it, which is a good option to have in a match-up like this one.

#7 works against sagat. Did it totally on accident without thinking it was going to work at all LOL