List of Characters with Loops

I wanted to know if you guys have a list of characters with loops?(ie Zero’s Sognemu"ride the lightneing")

A lot of characters have loops, but they vary in length. for example Wesker and She-Hulk have jump loops that can only be repeated twice, whereas Magneto’s ROM loop can be repeated 7 times (i think).

X-23 H Mirage Feint loops twice.

Doctor Doom’s a walking loop generator. Flying M loop, the Buktooth combo, the FOOT-FOOT DIVE corner loop…

Skrull has a loop too.

Akuma has a j.:m: j.:h: j.:s: xx fireball/tatsu loop after a ground bounce with demon palm. 2 reps of j.:m: j.:h: j.:s: xx L fireball one while the third rep is done the same, except with L tatsu instead of fireball. The hitstun won’t allow another xx L fireball rep. not sure if it [the third fireball rep] works on sentinel. can be done in the corner and midscreen, but with timing variations depending on the character.

Wesker’s flashy gun-teleport loop:

Viper also has her 2-rep box loop as seen here:

And I think a BnB that most Tron players use (including myself) has a s.:m: f.:m: (jump cancel) j.:m: j.:m: j.:h: loop that can be done twice after a box dash j.:h:.

Dante has the Acid Rain loop. Amaterasu has the Shuffle loop in the corner and the lightning loop in sword stance.

Chris has the machine gun loop, Storm has instant float loops, damn near everyone in the game has a loop. Easier question is to ask who doesn’t.

Weskers loop can actually be repeated 3 times, possibly 4.

Spencer has a jump loop as well. Zero too.

Chris machine gun loop? Please link me to this!

Sentinel can ‘loop’ Hard Drives together until he runs out of bars (-1 and Plasma Storm).
Magneto wins as the loop character:
-Dash loop: [j.H, air dash forward, j.M, j.H, land] x 3
-Fly loop: [j.H, air dash forward] x7
-Rom loop: [super jump up back, j.H, air dash down forward, j.H] x7
-Hyper Grav loop: [S, sj.H, air dash down forward, j.H, land, s.HxxL Hyper Gravitation]x3
And the first 2 combo into the second 2!

actually magneto is tired with storm as a loop character

Akuma - Jump loops
Amaterasu - Jump loops, sword qcf+L loops, slow down loops
Arthur - Gold armor gold axe loops
C.Viper - Box dash loops
Chris - Machine gun loop
Chun-Li - Lots of loops
Dante - Acid rain loops, S-H loops
Hsien Ko - Gong loops
Jill - Jump loops, Feral L/H loops
Spencer- Jump loops
Tron Bonne - Lots of loops
Wesker - Jump loops
Viewtiful Joe - Slow loops
Zero - f+H loops, jump loops, Shadow loops
Captain America - Shield loops
Deadpool - Quick as the wind loops
Dormammu - Jump loops
Dr. Doom - Lots of loops
Magneto - Lots of loops
MODOK - Lots of loops
Phoenix - f+H xx qcb+L loops
Sentinel - Hard drive loop
She Hulk - Jump loop
Shuma Gorath - Jump loops
Storm - Lots of loops
Super Skrull - S air dash d+H loop
Taskmaster - f+H loops
Wolverine - Fast loops
X-23 - Lots of loops (mirage feint)

Arthur can loop the bracelet too.