List of emulators with Kaillera support?

Hi. Can someone please make a list of emulators with Kaillera support? Are there any for Sega Master System, NES, Genesis, or Dreamcast?

try the Kaillera wiki page

Good idea, thanks mayne :slight_smile:

0746/Suprafast…I got a quick question:

does the p2p version of Kaillera allow you to connect to servers such as God Weapen, West Wonderland etc? I tried entering their IP but nothing happens.

If not, which type of client would you recommend to use if I’m playing someone in the same city as me. P2P or the regular client? Since West Wonderland is in Los Angeles, would my friend and I see less lag than if we were playing using the p2p client?

Please let me know thanks and keep up the good work :thumbsup:

The public version you have shouldn’t have the modules for connecting to servers. And the network code, both format and architecture is different so it would never work with entering server IPs.

For the second part: Honestly, I wouldn’t recommend either. But I’ll say this much that I’d never join a server to play games unless it was on my local network and the p2p client was developed and only extensively tested on a very stable connection.

Thanks. Looks like the p2p client is the way to go. I see what you’re saying though, but since neither 2df or ggpo supports mame, Gens, or J_Nes, I don’t have a choice. Plus he’s only a few miles away so there shouldn’t be even a nibble of lag :slight_smile:

By the way, since my friend and I are NOT on a router, what do we put in the “port forwarding” box? Leave it blank?

Waiting games list is off. So they shouldn’t make any difference.

I still got a version of Kaillera P2P that still lets me join servers and flip to p2p mode and even watch replays. I tried the later versions but I just didn’t like how it was so i stuck with this one.
btw, do you get more lag is 2 ppll used the different kaillera versions?

Hello 0746…my friend and I have been trying to get a game going in P2P Kaillera all day yesterday and it would not work. If I host, he cannot connect. If he hosts, then I cannot connect to him.

We are not using routers, and we both turned our firewalls off in Windows. But even though our firewalls are turned off, do we still need to add the 27888 “port” to the exceptions within Windows firewall?

We tried putting in “27888” in the port forwarding box, and then we tried leaving it blank, and we still couldn’t connect. We were able to get into West Wonderland and other servers using he client version just fine. But for some reason we cannot connect to each other using the p2p version.

Can you please offer some suggestions to what we can do to connect using the P2P version?

If I’m hosting, does my friend have to have the “Use random port when not hosting” box checked or unchecked, and vice versa?

Always missing the important details lol
Its 27886. 27888 is kaillera server’s default entry port
If it does not work, find me on msn or something.

hehe :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi 0746. I was wondering, does the person that is NOT hosting need to have the “Use random ports when not hosting” box checked or unchecked? Or does it not matter