List of Free Online Games (post)

I have an awesome idea to create the list of most fun and crazy games. :cool:
Post here your favorite free browser-based online game!
shockwave / java / flash, don’t care.
Copoeita Fighter 3
King of Fighters
Rich Racer Lite (3D)
Space Trooper (3D, FTS)
Oversize (3D, Racing)
Braap Braap (3D, Motorbike)
Mario’s Adventure 2 (Pseudo3D)

this is FGD. this thread would probably be more acceptable here if it was only concerning online fighting games.

anyways, the only good online fighter i’ve played was SFA3kr, which was essentially the DC version with hi-res sprites (and A-ISM only).

It’s a spam account advertising some website.

yeah those are probably illegal.

try this instead:

I think you misspelled your username and wanted to actually type Delacroix :confused:

Not to mention Mario’s Adventure is a Newgrounds project.

What ever happened to that game Monster?

I thought there was supposed to be a second installment…?