List of lagswitch users to avoid playing in UMVC3



Was just watching him vs Zangiefan on PJ’s. Every time Zangiefan touched him, massive lag, but JDPROOO7 never got lag during his combos. :slight_smile:

"What people msg you after you beat them" - NEW for UMvC3

This is beyond a terrible idea. Does anyone ACTUALLY “lag switch”? What would said lag switcher stand to gain? If there are any lag switchers out there then I guarantee you they’re very very few and far between. I suspect that these lag switchers are either A.) From somewhere far as fuck away, thus creating undue input lag. B.) Have terrible connections so they are used to the lag and would lag it up every match anyway or C.) they are suffering from the abysmal net code that is UMvC3 online. Even if they were pressing some magic button and creating lag during the opponents combos, it would be impossible to prove this thus wrongly accusing people of “lag switching” would be inevitable. Of course this is just my opinion, but I have played this game A LOT online and I have come to the conclusion it is just overall laggy and borderline unplayable.


BTW, wouldn’t they get insta-banned online for using a lagswitch mod? I don’t know about PSN, but firstly, it is impossible to mod games and even PLAY them online on LIVE (you can play modded games on a JTAG/RGH hacked 360, and that hack blocks LIVE all togeher) and secondly, if some magic abra-kadabra allowed that to happen, then they would get caught in no time.


A lag switch is such an obscure tool that very very very very few people actually have. It’s sad when people have to insist that hilariously unlikely things are happening to explain their losses (losses that don’t matter because online is just practice).


It isn’t a mod.

A lagswitch is just a device between the connection to your X-box and router, where by the press of a button you cause lag. It is a very simple thing that anyone can do and that MANY people actually do. The term “lag switch” encompasses many methods of disrupting the network communication between a console and its server. One method is by attaching a physical device, called a hardware lag switch, to a standard Ethernet cable. By flipping the switch on and off, the physical connection between the console and the server is disrupted.

Periodic lag is one thing, the blatant lag during your own combos vs the clear connection of theirs is another. Some of you may not have played with such people yet.


The Lagswitch Thread: I never have a shitty connection, people are just using cheating devices!


"What people msg you after you beat them" - NEW for UMvC3 Post number 1338, I rest my case.


this game makes me feel like most players are lag switchers. i start to think it MY connection, but then i get a match where the connection is perfect. =[


This thread is stupid and is more or less a witch hunt.

You won’t be able to tell if the lag is purposely or from 100’s of other factors all boiling down to Marvel’s shitty netcode. Here’s a solution for the witch hunt, stop playing UMVC3 online.


why the fuck is anyone playing marvel online…

even if you are, why do you care AT ALL. if its really laggy just drop or troll with shitty-ass team if you have time waste.

but yeah I noticed some of these assclowns on psn when I played few months ago. they dont miss shit with dante/vergil/zero while my deadpool drops easiest combos. there is just massive delay. either they are just really used to playing underwater or just lagging on purpose or some shit. there are other ways than a lagswitch.


Everyone uses the lagswitch when I’m getting my ass swept.


Online is already shitty. Why would you want to make it worse?


Ooh a witch hunt! Let me get my oversized balance scales and a duck.

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where can i get my hands on such a device? ruining people’s combos online sounds like the most fun i could ever possibly hope to have


See the thing with accusing others of using lag switches is that most of them don’t have them. You can cause massive lag by starting up a torrent or by streaming a video. Besides, sometimes lag happens randomly because other people in the house are doing the above mentioned things so there’s no way to know if the “lag switcher” is creating the lag intentionally.

Either way, making a list of people who lag won’t do much. No one’s going to memorize all those names.


Most of them do have it, I can tell you from playing Cod alot of people lagswitch. It is considerably higher then you might think.


I know it’s fairly common in CoD, but from my experience playing Marvel online, I’ve never run into anyone who I believed to be using a lag switch. Then again, I do only play player matches when I play online so maybe its more common in ranked.


Ps3 has a built in lag switch. . .
except it’s enabled at all times


Marvel online is great with a good connection. Its so irritating when elitists always shit on it. You can find matches anytime day or night and theres no real consequences to losing so using different/underutilized characters is a ton of fun against others. Its especially helpful if you dont have a scene close by, or friends into fighters. I guess if you have a shitty connection itd suck playing online. With decent connections its not really much of a difference unless youre doing EXTREMELY heavy execution style combos which most people arent. Its not like the terrible get great and the great get terrible online. Put out for a better connection and have some fun while you practice, people. The 2011 MvC3 champ plays a ton of online and is currently number 2 overall in ranked so something must be said for that, right?

Sorry to get off topic, had to vent.


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