List of Links and Target Combos


Hey guys. It’s probably a long shot, but the game has been out for so long that I thought I’d check. I’m looking for a list of links and TC’s, separated by character. I’m horrid at this game, but I’m hungry to improve. I come from Marvel and KoF, so I’m used to chains and special canceling out of chains. Guy has been filling that role pretty well, but his kit (specifically air grabs, elbow drop and his wall jump) makes me want to jump constantly, and I was told by someone much better than I that I should try to work on my horizontal game. (I ate a lot of DP’s that night)

I can do the simple stuff like crouching jabs into crouching forward or strong into special, as well as the shoto light tatsu into DP link. But outside of Guy, I play Ryu/Akuma, so I’m a little lost without fireballs. That being said I really want to play characters like Cammy and E.Ryu, but I can’t find basic notations (I haven’t been able to figure them out myself) for combos like the axe kick into tatsu/DP or Cammy’s cannon spike>combo>spiral arrow.

I know I post a ton of nooby questions on this forum, but like I said, I really want to get better at this game.



shoryuken wiki

or the character forums