List of Moves that can be Low parried

I was playing my friend yesterday and I was using Iori vs P grovoe Kyo, and i did the standard roll mixup and went for a st Jab, and he low parried that, which kinda sucked cuz I thought st Jab was a mid parry. So I just wanted a thread to compile moves that can be low parried for anti P groove purposes.

all jabs can be parried high/low… unless theres some strange jab of someone i dont know of?

Attacks that need to be blocked low, have to be parried low. Attacks that need to be blocked high (overheads and jumping attacks), need to be parried high. Anything else can be parried high or low (pretty much all standing attacks with the exception on Iori’s close s.LK… which has to be blocked low anyway).

Almost. kcxj is mostly right except for the “Anything else can be parried high or low” part. Any standing medium or hard attack must be parried high. Of course, there are a few exceptions (like Hibiki’s close roundhouse, which hits low), but that’s the general rule on normal moves. Special moves are kinda random, but most of those must be parried high.

For more details, check my systems guide at gamefaqs.

Oh, 3s goes by the same parry rules as CvS2 also.

dragon’s can be parried low… same with ground projectiles

Oh shoot. Yeah, I think I’m wrong. Standing medium and hard attacks do have to be parried high then. I swear I saw Yun’s s.MK parried low before though, and then thinking to myself how stupid that was (the way they weakened P-groove from 3S). Yeah anyway, I don’t know what I’m talking about. Sorry. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m going to use Kyo’s meaty close s.MP or meaty d.LK mixup even more often against the P-groovers I play against now.