List of moves that can cause Complete Juggle Reset

As you might know, when you Tag Cancel a move on juggle in this game, the Juggle Counter goes back to 0, allowing you to do a full juggle with your partner, where the previous character’s attack counts as the launcher. However, if you Tag Cancel a multiple-hit move that ends in a juggleable knockdown state while the opponent is still grounded, your next hit will act as if it had hit anti-air instead of in a juggle. This allows you to start the tag cancel combo with something like Ken’s LP SRK, that usually raises the JC by 4 on juggle, since it won’t raise it at all if it hits anti-air. Negative effects that occur when a move is used as an anti-air (for example, Blanka’s Electric Thunder completely removing JP on airhit but not on juggle, and normal attacks adding one JP when used to start a juggle (Even if they normally adds 0 JP on juggle, like Whoarang’s j.HK)) still apply using these moves, so it’s best to only use them when you intend to start the following juggle with a special move or command normal. I call this property “Complete Juggle Reset”, or CJR for short.

This is not to be confused with moves that puts the opponent in some kind of psudeo-airborne state, for example, moves that Crumple, Jin’s Lunging Low Roundhouse Kick and Guy’s Bunshin Gokusaken (throw). Those moves will act the same way even if you Tag Cancel or not, and they do allow resets and airthrows, unlike these moves.

Basic requirements for these moves:
-Opponent is grounded when the tag cancel occurs, or before the move resets JP in some other fashion.
-Opponent is launched, wall bounced or ground bounced at the end or in the middle of the move.
-Move doesn’t prevent subsequent juggles and can be tag cancelled.

This means moves that restand the opponent, like Ryu’s EX SRK (And various Attack Throws and Command Throws), might also apply.

Below I list all the moves that can cause this little quirk in the juggle system to happen.

Known CJR moves:


Finish Low (Also on juggled opponents)

MP/HP/EX Goshoryuken
MK/HK/EX Tatsumaki Zankukyaku



Any Quick Spin Knuckle
HK/EX Spiral Arrow


Any Criminal Upper


EX Machinegun Blow
EX Short Swing Blow
EX Thunderbolt

Non-EX Rhino Horn
EX Mallet Smash
Non-EX Spinning Scythe (2nd input)
EX Spinning Scythe
EX Lynx Tail


EX Neck Flip

Any Ultra Throw

EX Tsumuji
Any Raida (Also on juggled opponents)

MK/HK/EX Senpusha
Any EX Fuhajin

HP/EX Shoryuken

Any Double Knee Press


Non-EX Patriot Circle (3rd Rotation)
EX Patriot Circle

Any Galactic Tornado (TC the suction of EX version)

EX Tatsumaki Senpukyaku
EX Shoryuken (Works on juggled opponents, must hit opponents after 3rd hit, before 4th hit with your incoming character.)

EX Tiger Knee

Any Shouoken
MK/HK/EX Shunpukyaku


EX Banishing Flat


Any Double Cut
Any Clock Setting
Any Hard Reset

Any Double Lifts Kick
Any Falling Rain (Juggled only)
Any Raging Storm
EX Onikubigari

Contorno Farce
Any Panini Flip

Any Snake Pit

Any Wheel Kicks
EX Handstand (Anti-Air Only, after Tag Cancelling an EX Handstand follow-up)
EX Batucada

EX Raijin Stance

EX Air Raid
EX Dynamite Heel

Any Piston Gun
Any Megaton Earthquake

Penetrating Fist (Only if pushed into by another move that is Tag Cancelled before the projectile connects)


MK/HK/EX Rising Sun
Any Slaughter Hook
Any Devastator
EX Demon God Fist




EX Somersault Kick (If 1st hit is blocked and Tag Cancelled, and the 2nd hit connects)
Any Fury Fist Rush
EX Shaolin Spin Kicks

Leaping Crane

EX Sunflower Lance
EX Dendobrium

EX Gator Slam (Juggled only)
EX Double Leg Take Down (Also on juggled opponents)



EX Sway

EX Crossed Ninja Stars (Air and Ground)
Any Wind Cross (No follow-up, only TCable on first possible frame)

EX Flicker Jab
Albion Combination
Gatling Gun
Any Sonic Fang

EX Shooting Star
EX Flower Power
Any Dark & Stormy



EX Tatsumaki Senpukyaku
EX Shoryuken (Works on juggled opponents, must hit opponents after 3rd hit, before 4th hit with your incoming character.)

MK/HK/EX Rising Sun
Any Slaughter Hook
Any Devastator
EX Demon God Fist



Shock Grenade (Auto-detonation only, if another move is Tag Cancelled before it explodes)
Any Lightning Hook (Juggled only)

If you play a character like Steve, Law or Juri, this might be good to keep in mind when you try to optimalize your combos. Also note that there might be more ways to gain this effect. For example, When a move isn’t a true blockstring (Like the Law EX Somersault Kick example above) or just stay out for a long time (Cole’s Shock Grenade, Christie’s EX Handstand), there might be ways to make other moves use this property.

So this juggle point reset only occurs after a tag cancel? Just curious since Ibuki’s Raida completely resets the juggle points, allowing for some high damaging cross assault combos (e.g. with Ibuki/Ryu, you can do Raida, HP DP, Raida, HP DP, Raida, and can loop it infinitely until cross assault runs out even if you go into cross assault after a juggle combo). Though you can’t tag cancel Raida so that doesn’t really work for this particular “glitch.”

This is interesting though. I wonder if this was intentional or just accidentally left in…

I don’t think it’s intentional, something’s wrong with the flags or something.

Attack grabs aren’t really the same thing, They simply set the JC to a predetermined amount. Same thing goes for Abel’s finish low, Asuka’s airgrab and Bryan’s Atomic throw. This glitch basically puts them in an airborne, non-juggled state, except that you can’t airgrab them or reset them.

What would be the easiest way to test this?

If I understand this correctly, the easiest way would be to simply do jab combos, since jabs are the easiest thing to land multiple times in one juggle, even from mid-screen. If I understand this glitch correctly, certain moves when tag cancelled set the juggle state as if the opponent had just been launched, so you essentially get an extra hit in your combo. So with a move without this “glitch,” if tag cancelled, will only allow you to jab the opponent twice before you can’t hit them with another jab. If a move does have this “glitch,” you’ll be able to hit them 3 times instead.

Do I have this right Doopliss?

JC acts as if the move hit anti-air, which means jabs and other normals will act the same way they usually do in a juggle, since if you CH AA with a normal, you can only land one jab after it. A good option would be to use Ken’s LP SRK after the tag and then see if you can connect with a normal afterwards, since it normally adds A LOT to the JC on juggle.

Ah, I see. I guess I was thinking of moves that cause a “float” state, and I guess these don’t. This makes sense.

Yeah, Ken LP DP would be one of the best ways to test this then.

You can find a visual example of this in action in my <a href=“”>latest video</a>, at 11:25. Paul should not be able to connect the c.HP in the end of the combo, but this glitch allows this to happen, since it made f.HP act as the launcher and not use up any JP.

LAW: light fury rush punch.

I just realized what’s causing this.

This glitch happens when you tag cancel a move before it launches the opponent. It can be done with any multihit move that starts with at least one hit that still has the opponent grounded afterwards. With law you can do it with all HCF+Ps, and QCB+KK, Ken can do it with DP+HP or DP+PP etc. This just went from being a minor system glitch to something that can be really useful to know about.

Bumping this because I just found something that seems to be closely related to this, though the effect I’m observing is actually the opposite of what Doopliss described. Hwoarang’s j.HK normally has 0 juggle increment, but in certain cases, it increments the juggle count by 1 anyway. As a matter of fact, it turns out that this happens when you switch cancel from a multi-hitting move before it launches the opponent. I confirmed this using Sakura’s HP Shououken. If you switch cancel before the launch, j.HK increments the juggle, but if you switch cancel after the launch, it doesn’t.

When a normal starts a juggle, it generally starts at JC1 instead of JC0. Since j.HK counts as the juggle starter in this situation, it will raise the JC to 1 like most other normals. It’s like the example in the OP, Blanka’s lightning will add 0 on a normal juggle and too much to juggle any furher on airhit or in these tag situations. In these tag siatuaitons, I guess his groundbounce stomp would be a better option, since it should leave them at JC0 and still allow a good juggle ender.

Didn’t know Hwoarang’s j.HK was JA0 though, wish I would’ve known that when I made my latest CV, maybe I could’ve improved my Hwoarang combos slightly.

OP is complete. Feel free to mention if I’ve forgotten something. It’s very possible I overlooked some normal with the required properties. Also, can you Tag Cancel normal or Air Grabs? If so, I might have a few more. Also, can you tag cancel Bryan’s Atomic Throw?

Ibuki’s Hien shouldn’t be on this list. It doesn’t even knock down on hit.

…Sorry, I’m dumb. I meant Raida.