List of moves that U2 Can punish on block/hit?

Wouldn’t it be great if we had a list of punishes for U2? I was watching a video earlier and had no idea Dudleys EX MGB can be punished by U2. I’d try and compile a list if I got enough interest and help.

any -7 frame move. finished x)

some sweeps can be punished with u2 aswell from any range (ryu’s for instance)

Yea sure, but wouldn’t it be great if we had a list of those moves? Also how about the weird ones such as Blanka balls where you have to be standing or delay on the ex.
It would be nicer to have a list of the moves instead of having to look through and filter the -7 frame moves of every character.

Too many moves to list. Be my guest if you want to compile them.

what you could do is a list where u2 is the ONLY option to punish it. [honda headbutt, said spaced sweeps etc]