List of OTG assists

I’ve been looking everywhere for a simple list with characters who have OTG assists to no avail.
I’m making one myself.
Let me know If I’ve missed anyone and I’ll add them in.

Arthur - Fire Bottle
C. Viper - Seismic Gunner
Dante - Crystal
Deadpool - Katanarama
Dormammu - Purification
Dr. Doom - Hidden Missiles
Hulk - Gamma Wave
Iron man - Smart Bomb
Sentinel - Rocket Punch
She-Hulk - Torpedo
Shuma Gorath - Mystic Ray
Super Skrull - Stone Smight
Taskmaster - Aim master (vert.)
Viewtiful Joe - Shocking pink
Wesker - Samurai Edge
X-23 - Ankle Slice

Note: some of these are slow (ex: hidden missiles) so play around to find the timing that works with your particular combo.

This is a nice idea.

Chris grenade, Dormammu certain liberation combinations, Akuma demon flip, that’s all you’re missing I think.

Sent bombs otg

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