List of ragequitters


zorri-tox he had a 7 win streak, i killed him, he quit… i got the picture on my facebook page Larry’s FB Page :china:

you guys are welcome to add to the list


The game automatically matches players with high disconnect %s with other players of a similar disconnect %. Either he doesn’t DC all that often, or you do :P. Either way, no need to form a blacklist.


i never rq, he must not do it often as i am also aware of the “quitters league”, but it made me angry so i made this list :cool:

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I get about 2-4 ragequitters a day. Today someone on my friend’s list ragequit on me… right after I pulled off that pretty Morrigan combo I learned from Flash Metroid that’s like 60+ hits, ends with a shadow blade->level 3. The hyper combo animation didn’t get to finish. :frowning:


I get so many ragequitters on an HOURLY basis that there is no point in listing them all.

People don’t like being completely zoned out
People don’t like getting thier assits killed along with their characters in long combos
People don’t like watching their character get beat on during rreally long combos while they watch helpless

So they all quit lol


If that the case would it be so the more you play. Without quitting your % would drop.


So what, we’re supposed to friend you on FB just to see some ragequit photo?


Since there’s both the XBLA and the PSN service, there isn’t a one stop shopping thread that would make sense for this topic. It sounds like you want to create a thread over in the PSN forum. :tup: