List of recommended attributes / attribute tiers?

What I mean by attributes…

Is there a list somewhere that lists what ultras are best for each character in SF4, Supers for each in SF3, Assist types each for MvC2/3, and anything else that might have something like that? Even in games like LB2?

Not that I know of, but if there is, it’s only by personal opinion of the writer, and opinion is always open for debate. There are plenty of sites that go into general and advanced strategy of each character in those games, and there is plenty of info like that here on the shoryken forums for the particular game, but when it comes to the selection of supers and hypers, it depends on two things usually, situation and matchup. Depending on who you are fighting, one move may be better than the other, while some of them, depending on the nature of the move and the situation it’s used in, may have more advantage to do better damage.

It’s all mostly perspective and opinion, what one person may say is a useless assist, another may say it’s really good but nobody has a use for it outside a specific character strategy. Experience usually dictates a person’s choice, like some think that Metsu Hadoken is the ultra of choice, while others may suggest Metsu Shoryuken because they have had better luck using that instead.

Tier lists are often reserved characters themselves, not the moves they utilize. Otherwise, those kinds of tier lists would be HUGE, and probably skewed based on the debating opinions of the players used to develop those tier lists.

Usually the character sections of the forums will have that kind of info of what you should use, situation setups, matchup relative info, etc.

I think you’re going to have to try it out for yourself or ask people/friends who play characters/games that you don’t.

Wow, really nobody’s done anything like that?
Back in the MvC2 days, we would always include “assist type” with the tiers… e.g.
Sentinel - Y or A
Magneto - A
Storm - A
Cable - B

and we’d put them in the team listing too…

Likewise, the 3S “recommended supers” are listed right in the strategy guide…

These days in 3s I’d say it is less cut and dry than it used to be for several characters (Yang, Makoto, Q)

Well… those characters are still
Yang, SA2 or 3
Mak 1 or 2, or if you’re MikeZ, 3
Q… Uhh… the dash punch one or the double punch one… Not the explosion.