List of safe super jump timings off SA3?



I would really appreciate if anyone could contribute to a list of safe super jump>meaty timings off SA3 (or please direct me the appropriate thread).

For example, after landing sa3 on Urien, the timing is standing strong>super jump>meaty…

“Correct timing” list:

  • Urien: st. mp

“Maybe correct timing”: list:

  • Chun: cr. mp

Cannot safe jump list:



I’ve never heard of anyone getting that specific with Safe jumps in 3s. Or using them as much as in SF4.
In 3rd strike the oki game is much more ground based due to meaty attacks being able to flat-out beat most reversal moves (if these moves don’t have a lot of invincibility). So a lot of players will just attempt to beat the reversal or just bait whatever move out.

Also please post this type of thing in the Ken thread. It’s right below yours at the time of me writing this.