List of SSF4AE Character Health/Stun


Ive tried googling and searching the forum and found some data for vanilla, but does anyone have data or a list of everyone’s health and stun?



So im guessing no ones health or stun changed from AE to AE2012?


Nope. (Wellp, guess I’m wrong; see below. I only checked the changes log for Seth/Akuma; forgot to check for Evil Ryu and Oni)


Evil Ryu went from 850/850 to 900/900
Oni went from 950/950 to 1000/950


Bookmark the SRK wiki. You’ll find answers to this and a lot of related questions there.


Makoto got the vagina tax and went from 1000->950

Ahhhhh so much for being progressive Capcom…


Thank you everything, you have helped a lot!