List of st cab locations?

Title says it all, post an st cab location.

around here(nj)? chinatown fair in NYC is all i know of.

ive been wanting to get some gatherings going at my place to play on my cabs, but to no avail. if anyone knows of an arcade where there isnt super turbo, i was considering asking if a weekly or monthly thing could be arranged where i could just bring some of my boards and round up people in the area.

San Jose State University. Gotta get used to that damn p360 though.

In NY, DontBlowThis has a fine setup though its at someones house lol…

Seriously though don’t go to the one at CTF. I’ve only seen one person ever on it, the buttons/joystick are horrible, and of course its the USA version (the CPU is extremely difficult without pattern tactics.) Wish Henry Cen would update the thing but these days everyones too focused on SSF4AE, KOF13 BB and soon MVC3 and MK9.


My house.

I’m up for some weekly ST matches on cps2. you’re in nyc? pm me for info.

Seattle has a large number of cabinets. It is sort of crazy actually.

Also, my house too.

My garage

socal guys around covina, let’s get some shit going!

dgv, i’m looking in your direction :wow:

do you sleep moocus?


GGA arcade in brookfield IL, its japanese version on american sticks.

My garage’s every Fridays starting at 7pm. Don’s Arcade. Super Turbo is in a big blue Capcom American cab. Sorry if you use Japanese sticks.

The Story of Don’s Arcade | Facebook

Sadly there are no known cabs in Alabama.

I’ll see you this friday Don.

Fo sho. Anyone interested in joining my gatherings text me at 310 344 9367. I’m in the So Cal area on the border of Torrance and Redondo Beach. Mainly it’s a SSF4 and MVC3 gathering but I also have ten arcade cabinets. There are guys who drop by and play ST sometimes like last week which had pretty good ST players. Please read my link for rules and regulations:

Here’s my facebook:

The Story of Don’s Arcade | Facebook

Where are you in Central Jersey? I’m in Jackson (I’m less than five minutes from Six Flags Great Adventure) and the only good arcade I know that doesn’t have ST is Eight on the Break in Dunellan which is about an hour from me. I’d be willing to stop by if my schedule is free whatever day you decide to do some meetups and as long as you’re not too far from me.

Well I’d hate to dig up an old thread…but I know of two ST cabs near Hacienda Heights. There’s one at Round One Arcade at the Puente Hills Malls with a H2H setup and another ST cab at Super Arcade in Walnut.

The last time I was at super they had a few dead buttons, and it’s side-by-side.