List of the best fighting games for PS2

Hmm…I was thinking of getting NeoGeo Battle Coliseum or The Rumble Fish, not sure if there would be any competition for them in my area or if maybe a newbie could pick them up? Also not sure on the gameplay mechanics of The Rumble Fish.

Oh yeah, also has anyone heard anything about “Spectral VS Generation” and “Shin Gouketuji Ichizoku Bonnou Kaihou” (I know this is the sequal to Shin Power Instinct for the Neogeo 2003)

ps2 mvc2 > no mvc2 at all, as far as i’m concerned

and ps2 cvs2 is more or less arcade perfect

MB: AC, GGXX#R/, and garou are the top 3 import on my list.

as for games in the states, probably mvc2, cvs2, and AE. maybe take out mvc2 for alpha anthology if it’s good.

tekken 5 rocks cant wait for dr fav 2d is 3s

Whats worse. MvC2 for PS2 or MvC2 for Xbox. All I could get my hands on was the Xbox version.:sad:

All lists with Tenka are flawed.

xbox is the dc version with a few adjustments to the gameplay… no random freezing / slowdown / lag / load times…

Rumble Fish
everything else.

Edit:people actually like last blade 1 & 2

But Uncauzi…should Tenka Special get released maybe you will like it too!!!

About the DC version of LB2…I actually like that one(Final Edition) HELLA BETTER than the PS2 version…

LB2 Arcade#1
DC #3

If you wanna get the NEOGEO/Arcade version the closest you can let me offer you a solution…

A modded XBox and Kawa-X(older original with CPS1,2 and NG) or Final Burn Alpha XXX.

Solution accomplished…

Are there any direct gameplay differences in PS2 LB2 besides the slowdown? And when does the game slow down?

So the Xbox version is actually just fine?

I was under the impression that the Xbox version is identical to the PS2 version, but without slowdown.

UnCauzi you are such a whiner!

Oh no…the Ps2 version practically just slows down randomly or when the fighting gets intense…the game for all purposes acts as if it was on a…dare I say it…


Which version of MVC2 removed the invincibility on Cyclops AAA? Or removed the invinciblity on any move for that matter?

I don’t get how Neogeo Battle Coliseum ends up in almost everyone’s list. It loads like the slowest I ever see, and how Last Blade characters do not play like they are in their own series. Like, I don’t even get to select either Speed or Power?

Of all the things to complain about NGBC…

both PS2 and Xbox both randomly do it, depending on situation. i never played it enough to actually notice the exact reason… but sometimes cyclops will go through ahvb, sometimes he gets caught by it… under seemingly similar cirucumstances.

well, you’re right… it IS the ps2 version without the slowdown… and without the load times and sound glitches as well… when you hit somebody on the PS2 version, it sounds like you’re hitting an empty can.

Convince me what is good about it then, except for getting to play as World Heroes characters or a mech Weebo(Beebo or whatever that metal gorilla from King of the Monster is called.)

I will certainly not discuss the fact that you are supposed to own the hardware (even dead hardware…) to legally emulate.

What I disagree, with all due respect my friend, is the Kawa-X solution : FBA-XXX pro or even Mameox, but don’t serve me a bad emu (gameplay-wise, I mean, you’re the first to blame ports, please blame also emus who don’t respect consistent timings in inputs/connecting), please !

No hard feelings I hope ^^

The game play? I love NGBC, there’s a huge strategic level iin controlling your opponents life totals throught the D attack. The life gaining system was an excellent addition to the gameplay. Not to mention the gameplay has not been disapointing. I love Iori’s new super (I’ve never seen in KOF before). I throw that shit out randomly for wins because nobody else has seen it either.

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