List Of The Best USF4 Players Per Character

I compiled this list using a very unscientific method of tournament results, consistency and player reputation. My only real requirement is that the player actually consistently uses the character in USF4, not someone who mained the character in an earlier version of the game. Of course, I want everyone’s opinion especially if you disagree with someone on the list.

Abel: 801 Strider
Adon: Gamerbee
Akuma: Tokido
Balrog: PR Balrog
Blanka: Nishkin
Cammy: Xiao Hai
Chun Li: Valmaster
Cody: BJ Unchained
C. Viper: Latif
Dan: Ixion
Decapre: Infiltration
Dee Jay: Dunhiller
Dhalsim: TS Sabin
Dudley: Smug
Honda: Hoodaman
Elena: Sako
El Fuerte: Pepeday
Evil Ryu: Daigo
Fei Long: Fudo
Gen: Xian
Gouken: Veloc1raptor
Guile: Dieminion
Guy: Marq Teddy
Hakan: ???
Hugo: RB
Ibuki: Pugera
Juri: Aiai
Ken: Momochi
M. Bison: Phenom
Makato: Misse
Oni: Sandford Kelly
Poison: Air
Rolento: Nemo
Rose: Luffy
Rufus: Justin Wong
Ryu: Ryan Hart
Sagat: Bonchan
Sakura: Humanbomb
Seth: Poongko
T.Hawk: Kojikog
Vega: Reiketsu
Yang: Mago
Yun: Kazunoko
Zangief: Snake Eyez

I actually agree mostly with your list, would just change some names.

Cody: Sasaki
Dhalsim: Darui
Guy: Kindo (imo)
Hakan: EBI
Hugo: RB is super good, but there’s an argument for both StormKubo and Infexious.
Oni: Wao
Poison: -6 or Reiketsu himself are much stronger picks than Air.

Thanks, I agree with your additions

I pretty much agree with the majority of your list. I wouldn’t put Reiketsu as the best Vega anymore. He’s more of a Poison player now. I’d say Zeus is likely the best Claw at this point. I see the best Poison being a toss-up between Air, -6, or Naxachan. I think MLSwear is the best Hakan and Sekiganryu is the best Ryu.

Reiketsu still plays Vega, used him at EVO and has used him in tournaments all over the year. He basically picks between Poison and Vega depending on the matchup. Lol @ putting Air on the same league as -6 or Reiketsu.

EBI > MLSwear as well.

I would make an argument for Gamerbee being the best Elena at the moment. Even though Sako is still godlike and implements more tech, I think Gamerbee is the overall better player at the moment.

Wow…this compilation…

  • Y. is a stronger Cammy than Xiaohai
  • Shiro is arguably a stronger Abel than 801strider
  • Darui, Torimeshi, YHCMochi are all stronger Dhalsims than Arturo
  • Uryo and Juso, even if they might not play Sakura as much, are stronger than Humanbomb. Koichi is also rediculous with her.
  • best Honda is probably Muscle Kingdom
  • best Chun might be still Vivi or might have shifted to Cojiro…who are all pretty close to Valmaster. Hard to say
  • Sasaki and Momochi are still way better Codys than BJUnchained
  • I think Anton Gouken is better than Veloc1raptor
  • best Hugo is most certainly Stormkubo and always was
  • best Dictator is probably still Dogura even if he doesn’t play the character much
  • best Oni is wao and then maybe Hikarin
  • best Rufus is easily inco
  • best Poisons are -6, Reiketsu and Aqua over Air
  • no way Ryan Hart’s Ryu is better than Daigo’s
  • EBI best Hakan
  • for best THawk, I’d probably add Twiggy
  • Hagejin and Cantona are probably better than Snakeyez…and even Itazan has vastly improved in the way he has approached some matches, probably shifting him above Snakeyez if he wasn’t already there before

NVM. Reiketsu is still the best Vega. I just looked at more matches.

What’s wrong with Air’s Poison?

There’s nothing particularly wrong with his poison…just not the best one.

Emil I am disappoint.

You forgot to add JP players to Adon, Rose, M. Bison, Dudley, Balrog, and Guile

I thought this was a bit shady too, but under his qualifier as “USF4”, I don’t think you can put Daigo in there. Not that I’d put Ryan Hart.

Shiro who still hasn’t been able to do good on any of the CPT tournaments he has gone out to is better than Strider atm, lol.
Valmaster did better than Cojiro at EVO, and has also shown several times that he’s a stronger Chun by showing up to more tournaments and doing well at them.
Best Dictator is Gagapa by far, Dogura never plays SF4 anymore and if he does he uses Rolento.
Hagejin and Cantona who never go out to tournaments even in Japan itself, and who have done well in 1 or 2 tournaments are better than Snake Eyez who has done well vs international opponents, going out to many tournaments and beating strong players several times…lol. Itabashi has huge consistency issues and has less points than Snake Eyez while going out to more ranking tournaments with less competition, whereas whenever Snake Eyez goes out to ranking tournaments he gets at least 2nd place, and gets top 8 in premiers.

I know I know, I’m discussing things seriously with Emil, but I don’t want the OP to actually change all the names because they are japanese.

Snake is probably the best Gief. Yea itazan has leveled up a lot, and Cantona/Hagejin are beasts, but snake had the consistency and tournament results against worldwide competition to back up his claim as best in the world.

Phenom has been doing really great lately though so I’m not sure Gagapa is the best “by far”, though I kind of begrudgingly* have to admit he’s probably still better.

  • no actual hating here, but I’ll be cheering for my countryman rather than the frenchie >=[

Dogura’s bison sucks now. He’s way way worse than he used to be when he picks him.

I like Harideshi over Gagapa or Dogura, and I don’t even think Harideshi is the best Bison.

I’m out of the loop, who do you think is the best Bison then? I would vote for Harideshi, but like I said I’m behind when it comes to the more obscure japanese players.

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Shiro hasn’t done particularly well in the events he has entered but I think Strider would have done worse if took Shiro’s place.

Cojiro and Valmaster finished EXACTLY the same place at Evo…not sure what place that was but you see them in losers bracket in this pool:

Cojiro loses to Okkun and Valmaster loses PR Rog…in any case it doesn’t matter which one did better at Evo, they both didn’t place that well.

If you actually compare their play, it’s pretty easy to see that Dogura is the best. Dogura has much much deeper overall fighting game experience than Gagapa and the subleties really show. I like Gagapa though but it’s not the same kind of player as Dogura.

Snakeyez has done well and not done well in other tournaments. And lately Itabashi has been destroying people, including players that Snakeyez loses to or likely would have lost to. Do you really think Snakeyez would have beaten Gackt Fei or Sagat? Itazan HAD consistency issues before…I think it was actually partly because he wasn’t taking the game as seriously. Right now he is the most dangerous Gief that travels to tournaments (whereas Cantona/Hagejin are probably the best Giefs).

Lets not forget who Itazan has been beating lately…Louffy multiple times, Gackt (as Sagat/Fei) and others that I remembered before but can’t recall now.

Link to this video of Dogura’s bison sucking…all I’ve seen is solid play.

I’m also not convinced about Harideshi yet.

Really? because at EVO and another tournament before that Strider and Shiro were there and Strider did better than him both times.

Legit mistake there, didn’t know what I was thinking about. Still think Valmaster’s results have been good.

How would you even be able to compare now if whenever Dogura even plays SF4 he uses Rolento all the time. It’s not like Reiketsu picking the best option for the matchup at hand but downright dropping Bison for Rolento.

Snake Eyez would definetly have a good shot at taking out Gackt’s Fei and Sagat. Also, at EVO Snake Eyez lost to Fuudo and Daigo, meanwhile Itabashi lost to MDZ Jimmy (german Ryu) and FilipinoMan (who, like Fuudo and Itabashi, always practices with Snake Eyez), they both lose to players using characters that one of them has in their respective scene but the other one lacks. At the end of it, the biggest factor that Snake Eyez has on his favor is that every single time that they’ve both been at the same tournament Snake Eyez ends up above him. You can make an argument for it happening once but it happening several times starts to mark a trend.

Hagejin and Cantona are incredibly strong, I actually have stolen more gameplans from them than from Snake Eyez since their styles are closer to mine than Snake Eyez’s, but going to a tournament once a year in their countries while almost never having any footage of them isn’t even close to enough to call them the best. It’s been around a year since a Cantona match got released (Mixup Night 20 where he lost to Uryo’s Decapre in a matchup that is heavily in Gief’s favor), whereas Hagejin had a match released 2 months ago, and then…5 months ago, and before that…3 more months. We don’t even know what the hell they’re doing now on youtube, niconico or twitch.

Regarding Cojiro…to be honest I didn’t know he was as good as he is. I always had Vivi as the best Chun and I hadn’t watched much Cojiro at all. There that FT10 money match of Cojiro and Valmaster and while mirror matches don’t necessarily state which is the better player, it was a pretty convincing win for Cojiro.