List of the number of participants for each game for Evo2011?

Can someone tell me how many people played in each tournament in Evo2011?

around 1500 for SF4 AE
200 for BB
over 500 for MK9

SSFIVAE - 1456 Players (down from 1700 players)
MVC3 - 1072 Players
MK9 - 516 Players
Tekken 6 - 224 Players
Blazblue CS2 - 208 Players

I can’t see Marvel cracking 1k again, SFIV will probably lose another couple hundred, MK9 I doubt is going to repeat those figures… SCV and KOFXIII should beat T6 and BB respectively (you would hope), SFxTK should be 3rd spot.

Where’d you get those numbers from? Are those official?

cool, where’d you get this? just liked to know the turnout for each tourney (to see how it’s evolving).

These were the numbers floating around from people doing the number of pools x people in them. I’m pretty sure all these numbers were on these forums, I just posted them in the Evo2011 thread on another forum I post on so it was simple as fuck to find.