List of things you don't hate, or like, but rather are just "okay" about


-room temperature showers
-blowjobs from fat chicks
-when your arm is asleep but not yet tingly but still kind of rubbery feeling
-excessively long poops


this thread is ass




I’m okay with this thread.

Not working 12 hours on Sunday anymore, but having to work a normal Monday-Friday.


I am okay about this


I dont like your mom anymore, she wont stop texting me


wrong thread :coffee:


Modern fighting games.


Free pens.

  • A dirty house
  • Mcdonalds hamburgers
  • Post-09 Capcom fighters
  • Summer
  • Skinny chicks
  • Moves like Jagger by Maroon 5
  • Being judged despite never judging anyone else.
  • Monday Night Raw
  • Taking my shoes and belt off at the airport.
  • 2000s music
  • KOFXIII execution requirements ('98 is the best)
  • Dandruff
  • Shrinking clothes
  • Sword characters that aren’t Yoshimitsu.
  • Blow-up beds
  • Being alone
  • balance patches
  • ghetto girls
  • Ballpark franks
  • losing to stupid stuff.
  • Online play
  • butterface chicks
  • College
  • Minimum-wage jobs.
  • Competitive Smash community
  • Old worn-out cars
  • Women who turned me down
  • Skullgirls


thats something I dont like

  • Bitter coffee
  • Good fighting games with bad net coding (KOFXIII)
  • College
  • Card Games
  • Mortal Kombat II
  • Old Pokemon Games
  • Playing midfield in soccer games
  • Tekken 4
  • Tekken 6
  • Late 90’s to Early 2000’s music
  • “Wuxie” Movies (I still think the Tai Chi Master is pretty good).
  • SNK Boss Syndrome (Fighting Geese Howard, Rugal, Bison, Gill, Shao Kahn, etc).
  • Street Fighter movie
  • Mortal Kombat movie (but only the first one)
  • Human Resources
  • Military
  • Piano
  • Hostess Clubs
  • TV tropes
  • Street Fighter EX series
  • My goatee
  • Knuckle push ups
  • Checkers
  • Japanese Culture
  • Blatant fan-service female fg characters (like the one on my avatar).
  • Megaman X6
  • Fast Food


you must know how to read very well


-watching sports
-nice cars
-smart phones


Modern Popular Music


getting grade A head while driving, scary.:sweat:


-modern games
-contemporary music


-The fake hype of Skullgirls
-People forcing Skullgirls on me
-Nickguy’s avatar(MAGNETO ISN’T BLACK)


Motorcycle missions in GTA.
Mainstream Music
Beats Headphones
Bailey Jay


Costco food samples
Sports Illustrated
$100 Sneakers
Bose Headphones