List of Ultra/Super punishes WIP

List of moves that Chun Li can ultra


ALL slides on hit or block, except if you get hit by sweep
Through Yoga Fire
ALL versions of his super
Through Yoga Catastrophe if she is half screen or closer


All headbutts
Standing HK (easy to reversal, good to know)
All supers + ultra


crouch HK
close HP
All shoryus (lol)
High blocked LK and MK tatsu only, not HK version
Through all fireballs
Through air fireball as a punishment for their landing recovery

crouch HK
close HP
crouch HP
All fireballs, including ultra+super. Only through super, not recovery
All shoryus
max distance crouch MK -> fireball (buffer motion and press kicks on reaction)


Same as ryu, EXCEPT you can punish all his hurricane kicks on block
You also CANNOT punish his sweep on block.


Improper sweep
Everything else goes through her and breaks charge :(, but there is a way to ultra behind
you…will test later.


blocked headbutts
Ultra, Super (counter activate)
between 4th and 5th hit of ultra
ALL low rush punches
ALL overhead punches EXCEPT EX
TAP level 3 and higher (not that useful)
HP version of dash straight

  • Too lazy to finish it up atm, I update it here and there but if anyone wants to help feel free :woot:. Oh and next will be a super list, but that will take a bit too.

chun can punish ex headbutt crouch or standing block with ultra… mike ross knows this all to well…

also listing all the things chuns super punishes would probably take pages… but good luck!


Is there a reason why EX overhead can’t be punished?

Yeah I’ll list the super punishes later on, just trying to get ultra out of the way since all the super punishes can be done with what the ultra does and so on.

Too much frame advantage/blockstun.

edit: I also like to do a full character at a time so if I don’t update it right away, sorry.

Wait… Ryu’s recovery from Ultra can’t be punished? I don’t agree with that, unless there’s so much startup in Chun’s Ultra that Ryu would be able to enter block animation safely. Perhaps that section should be edited to say 3/4s won’t guarantee a hit.

Not on recovery through super****. Ultra is both through and recovery, as long as in within range. Dash ultra from blocked full screen not yet tested.

Appreciate all the hard work that’s going to go into testing all this… Having one place to check what I can use ultra to punish with in all matchups is seriously nice.

thanks for the thread. can you really punish crouch roundhouse with ken? not in my experience.

Yeah Ryu/Ken’s sweep is extra slow, Akuma’s can be punished but it’s slightly harder.

Every normal you can punish on the list, you should look to punish in footsies to become really good with her ultra. Including if they whiffed you. So if you’re spacing around and you walk back from a poke, ultra that ass.

This is a great thread, I was always wondering about all the things she could ultra. Thanks for the all the work on this guys.

Great thread. Reeeaaallly need Sagat up there ASAP. :slight_smile:

Great, I will practice ken sweep in training.

chun CANNOT reversal ultra kens sweep :tup:

ryus and akumas are fuckable tho…

super will punish kens sweep on block.


Ok you guys are right, there was no frame data on it and I assumed it was the same as Ryu’s. Sorry about that.

Punish it on whiff though! Fuck it!!

Ok guys I had to weed out some of those reversals because somehow I thought Chun’s ultra was 4 frames, I was in December arcade 2008 mode when I was thinking of this whole thing lol. Thanks to Dime for correcting me.

still need to fix hondas ex headbutt… and rogs sweep.

seriously tho all one needs to know is that ultra is 7 frame startup and super is 2

rogs is -6 on block (or less)… and reversal ultra wont hit it… thinking that it will is a good way to eat rogs gloves…

i know cause been there done that.

not saying not to make this list but just that it’s all stuff that someone can find out for themselves with just a lil bit o work…

but if you’d like i’ll help you with the list, i have the guide which lists all arcade characters frame data and shouldn’t take too long.

if you want the help that is…


Why doesn’t it work? The frame data says it’s -8, and you said it’s 7 frames total for it to hit.


All headbutts except EX

(unless i’m reading this wrong your saying it CANT be punished by ultra???) it most certainly is punishable.

Standing HK (easy to reversal, good to know)
All supers + ultra
(according to the wiki, you can also reversal his EX headbutt…)

-edit just re-read first post and you did ask for help… srry for missing that… i’ll make a list now. and pm you the info

ok that was on me…I didn’t read my own post about the EX headbutt.

Yeah I also forgot to remove the roundhouses of Rog, just did that.

The rest should go a lot smoother now that I know the correct ultra frames :sweat:

I think Chun can punish Abel’s change of direction and maybe s.HK, feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.