List of what Evil Ryu U2 cannot punish due to range



I was compiling a list of things that Evil Ryu U2 cannot punish due to slight range difference, was wondering if anyone can help me list some of them
for example: Hawk Condor Dive and midscreen Dhalsim Yoga Sniper are good examples while meaty blanka ball (light) is too much range to cover.
I mean moves that if he were to inch forward a pixel or two he will be able to punish with U2. Thank you in anticipation of your assistance.


Quesadilla bomb, if you do a 236, 236 (hold forward for a couple frames) U2.

You connect but he falls out :frowning:

if you do it as a reversal you wont connect.


Thank you. will run some tests tonight. will let you know how it goes. I guess its ex quesadilla bomb or just regular one


Sorry its it indeed ex.

Edit: Other tidbit if you care, try punishing an ex Q bomb with yun using “LP Shoulder EX Red Focus lvl 1 release.” No dice.


I was able to punish ex q bomb on block with full ultra 2


nice good to know. can you reliably do it?



Decided to paste it here too. Thanks for the assistance


Jesus christ. event hubs loves you lol. i went for a swim, came back, and the vid is on Ehubs.


hehehee. im just lucky