List the "Raging Demon"-resembling attacks in fighting games

Well, Shun Goku Satsu / Instant Hell Murder / Raging Demon aka “helpless opponent gets multi-hitted in darkness while screen flashes, then when darkness is gone he is finished” is probably one of most known attacks in fighting games, and so there are few variations I know, but would like to see someone come up with more:

Street Fighter
Gouki - Shun Goku Satsu (Instant Hell Murder, better known as Raging Demon)
This attack is also used by several other characters, like Evil Ryu, Kairi, God/Ultimate Rugal; and parodied by Sakura (Shun Goku Satsu - Spring Hell Murder) and Dan (Otoko Michi - The Path of Man)

Guy - Bushin Musou Renge (Warrior God’s Unmatched Reaping)

Samurai Shodown
Hanmen no Asura - Lei-fa-ras (Saraphiel)

Hakumen - Kokuujin Ougi: Akumetsu (Retribution Ougi: Perish Evil)
[media=youtube]PNZ8AnK3Mss[/media] (at 2:40)

I’m bored so I’ll contribute…

King of Fighters
Yuri Sakazaki - Yuri Chou Enbu
[media=youtube]7if4fjEVAYk[/media] (not from M.U.G.E.N but from KOF 2K1)

Rival Schools
Sakura Kasugano - Haru Goku Satsu
[media=youtube]2SoN9G_Iz54[/media] (2:25)

SVC Chaos: SNK vs Capcom
Dan Hibiki - Otoko Michi

X-Men vs Street Fighter
Rogue - Blissful Death Strike

Mrs. Orange

Marvel vs Street Fighter
Cyber Akuma - Shining Gou Shock (air version)

Here’s one.

Arcana Heart 3
Lieselotte’s Critical Heart (no clue what it’s name is)

How about Freeman in Garou?

SFEX - Skullomania

Vampire Series

Morrigan - Darkness Illusion (Does that count?)

if not then…

Eternal Slumber (MvC1)


Not quite, but: [media=youtube]esWnlVFcw98#t=1m43s[/media]

Shadow - Final Mission

Shadow Lady - Final Mission

Pocket Fighter Ibuki - Hayate

Both Zero’s and Original Zero’s HSDMs in King of Fighters 2002:Unlimited Match

Iori had a sort of interesting take on this, through his Exceed in SvC: Chaos

K’s HSDM in KOF 2002 (though his 2002 UM version is more of a SGS style, fading to black and such. Don’t feel like finding a vid for that one though)

Samurai Shodown
Basara Kubikiri - Kagemai: Mukui (Shadow Dance: Payback)
[media=youtube]6Lwks4sm3JU[/media] (03:33)

Morrigan was the first character to use the Demon input command, so I’d say she counts at the very least. :V

found better video for Freeman

Freeman - Creeping Death / Overkill
[media=youtube]LonlSjoLRzg[/media] (5:12/5:40)

also, an unexpected newcomer

Samurai Shodown
Iroha - Yuzuru no Mai (Dance of Evening Crane)
[media=youtube]Vqb5z6Uczz8[/media] (0:17)


On his and Classic Sub-Zero’s fatalities, they just got lazy and decided to use black screen instead of additonal sprites. Theres also a glitch where cyborgs dont get blacked out and just stand there amidst black screen.
Btw, Classic Sub-Zero’s fatality in UMK was supposed to be the Spine Rip (you can see how he starts grabbing opponent’s head), but since they went “blackout” route, there were many jokes about Sub-Zero gouging opponent’s eyes instead.

How could you mention Kairi and leave out his sister? :frowning:

Yamazaki KOF2003 Leader Desperation Move


Metaknight’s Final Smash…Oh wait: “resembling attacks in fighting games” nvm

Hibiki’s lvl. 3 super in CVS2

This one isn’t quite there, but Sai’s level 3 from Akatsuki Blitzkampf is a grab move that turns the screen mostly black. There’s also Fritz’s level 3. Prety cool take on the super.

at 0:55 and 1:47

Hibiki’s lvl 3 is probably my favorite.