List your prefered and secret follow ups after normal throws!



I am searching for new and innovative follow ups after a normal throw. I browsed the Abel General thread but couldn’t find a section.

One might tink that the hard knockdowns out of FS and TT are much more important and focus a lot on these, but I find myself doing more and more normal throws, they are Abels only 3 frame move and they have a comparable fast recovery, especially after a blocked step kick, if the opponent neutral jumps and you whiff the normal throw, you can still punish the n.jump with close s.hp !!!

So what are your preferable follow ups? I will try to update this first post to make a list for all the Abel players here.

What I do a lot:

  • backthrow, tiny step backwards, hp roll (you crossup and can do a meaty cr.hp or a meaty TT, works really nice).
  • backthrow, tiny step forward,, crossup (saw this in a video recently posted, it is some kind of safejump which let reversals whiff even against 3 frame srks, I see Nekojita use this a lot with cr.lp insteadt of
  • forwardthrow, tiny step forward, 2x s.lp, crossup (same as above).

After both throws you can do two hk rolls followed by step kick to catch whiffed things from your opponent.

As you can see I have a tiny list, I would like to know more about meaty setups, especially meaty normal throws.