List your xbox live games

…excluding the ones that have there own section ofcourse

1.(mainly) unreal championship 2- great game!!!

  1. rainbow six 3- mostly for playin clan matches… everything else bores me -_-

3.halo 2 - although now, i hate it bc of matchmaking and the idiots on there… but if theres a bunch of people here who like custom games… let me kno!

  1. phantom dust- not much though

plan on getting…

1.kingdom under fire: heroes

  1. burnout revenge

  2. kof 02/03

1.phantom dust
3.guilty gear xx2
4.street fighter anneversary collection
Im getting ranbow six lockdown ones it comes out

Here be the ones I have…

Magic: The Gathering Battlegrounds - Only played it a couple times really…

Capcom vs SNK 2 - Play this every once in a while, but its hard fighting people that are AVERAGE at the game, and not masters.

SvC Chaos - Play this game a lot, though the Shin Akuma crap is lame. And the timing for only matches is WAY off. But still fun, and its the only game I’ll use my arcade stick with.

Rainbow Six 3 - Don’t play it anymore.

Star Wars Battlefront - It’s a good screw around game, to just sit back and relax. I love it cuz it’s not competitive at all.

Street Fighter Anniversary - Barely play it, not a huge fan of Third Strike, and the way they compiled SF2 makes me wanna vomit.

Halo 2 - No, just… no.

Guilty Gear X2 - Eh, its too damn hard to find people to play.

King of Fighters: Maniax - I like this game actually, it’s not TERRIBLE, ground combos are broken tho =P

Street Fighter Anniversary Collection-i’ve been playin 3rd strike a lot lately…probably my most played game at the moment (to change once KOF 02/03 comes out)

SVC Chaos-i loved this game despite it’s broken-ness…i still play it here and there…

Unreal Championship 2-i played this for a quite a bit a while back…i might play it more if i knew more people on it…

Phantom Dust-i haven’t played this in a good while…same deal with UC2

GGX2#R-i’d play this more…but a friend currently has it…

i guess ill put my games that have their own section too lol…

i play sf ae more than anything, 3s all the way

cvs2- only when someone else wants me to play… which isnt much (i suck anyways)

gg xx- dont understand the game and hate the lag… gave up on this one

mines are:

capcom vs snk 2 EO: don’t like it THAT much, honestly…

SvC Chaos: may seem strange, but it’s one of my faves ^

GGXX#R: the game would be great, but lag ruins it… shame -.-

SFAC: eh, nice games plus almost no lag at all… imho it’s the best, until kof 2002 comes out of course :stuck_out_tongue:
I play 3rd strike, mostly ^^

Crimson Skies- Rarely play this game anymore, unless friends are on.

Madden 2006 Too many cheaters and glitchballers online to play regularly. I will accept challenges from guys on my friends’ list though.

NCAA 2006 Same as above

Project Gotham Racing 2 I traded in Forza, yet still play this. Good times

Halo 2 I rarely fuck with matchmaking. Custom games are where it’s at.

Burnout 3 I would play this more often if EA servers didn’t suck so much ass.

SvC Chaos Broke as hell, but fun enough to tide me over for a couple more days.

hell yea :party: . but you actually have people on your friendlist that play custom? send me a friend request if you ever need some one to do custom games with :tup: (i have a bunch of games of my own to)

I got
1.Halo 2=awesome
2.Guilty Gear xx reload,= hard to find people to play online but I still play
3.Street fighter anniversary ccollection=I just play 3rd strike.
4.King of Fighters maximum impact= its an ok game
5.dead or alive ultimate= fun to play wars jedi knight jedi academy= I rarely play this game.
7.Crimson skies=SUCKS

Yeah, I have a few guys that have come up with some interesting custom game ideas. Saturday is usually our big custom game night. You’re more than welcome to come. Just keep in mind that the guys are pretty laid back and casual about their Halo play, and don’t have much tolerance for peeps that are asses online.

Halo 2 - Don’t really like it.
Republic Commando - It’s okay, nice and speedy FPS, which I like.
Street Fighter: Anniversary Edition - Can’t stand playing 3rd Strike online anymore but HF is good for a laugh.
SVC Chaos - Haven’t even tried it online yet.
Capcom Fighting Jam - Really like it online but finding a match outside of my Friends List is damn near impossible.
Capcom vs SNK 2 - Love it.
Dead Or Alive: Ultimate - Laggy but lots of nice options.

Plan on getting…
Spikeout or TimeSplitters 3. Maybe Outrun. Definitely Black Hawk Down.

ummm cvs2

as you can tell I have alot of games -_-
:wow: :wow: :wow:

DOA Ultimate
KOF 02/03
GGX2 #r
SVC chaos
DDR Ultramix
Rainbow Six 3

Capcom Fighting Evolution
Capcom vs. SNK 2 EO
Guilty Gear XX #Reload
Street Fighter Anniversary Collection
SVC Chaos: SNK vs. Capcom

Halo 2 - just starting to play again
Rainbow Six: Lockdown - bought it today and have been playing it all night. Hella fun
SF: Anniversary Collection - I only play 3rd Strike but rarely online since I prefer arcade for decent matches
Soul Calibur II - I only play when I have competitive friends over

damn!! lockdown is out already? im so behind lol… guess ill have to pass on this one so i can modd my stick.

sf comes first lol.

Awww understandable.

Some random Rainbow Six game - Dont play it
MotoGP2 - " "
Sega GT Online - " "
Top Spin - " "
Links - " "
Halo 2 - HATE it
PGR2 - Good game, dont play much anymore tho
GGX2Reload - Dont play it
StreetFighterAC - " "
Pro Evo Soccer - " "
MK:D - " "
Burnout 3:Takedown - " "
CVS2 - I play a lot

I waste money :confused:

Burnout3 - Will stop playing it once Revenge comes out next week

Capcom vs. SNK 2 - Never play it. I don’t even like the game, still not sure why I bought it.

Dead or Alive Ultimate - Play every now and then. Will stop playing when DOA4 comes out.

Guilty Gear X2 #Reload - Used to play all the time before KOF 2k2/2k3 came out. Play when I get tired of KOF.

Capcom Fighting Evolution - Only play when people on my friends list invite me to play

King of Fighters Maximum Impact Maniax - Same as Above

Kinf of Fighters 2002/2003 - Play 2002 everyday. Play 2003 sometimes.

Midnight Club 3 - Got tired of it. Rarely play.

Outlaw Tennis - Play often. Few people play this game, but its good online.

Outlaw Volleyball - Ghosttown. Would play if someone else did.

Pariah - Play it every now and then

Phantom Dust - Used to play it all the time, but I kinda burnt out on it.

SNK vs. Capcom: SVC Chaos - Only bought it cause it was like 9.99 at Circuit City. Never play.

Street Fighter Anniversary Collection - I suck too badly at both SFII and 3S to play this.

Ghost Recon 2 - Dont play it much anymore, will drop it for Ghost Recon Tactical Warfighter.

Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict - Too many bitches online to enjoy it that much.

Halo2, KoF 02/03, CvS2, SF Anniversary collection. i only play Halo when my friend invites me. i basicly play whatever i feel like playing for a month on end. right now im stuck on KoF.