Listening for inputs in local battles


I have a friend I play a lot of SSF4 with, and he actually listens for my controller inputs (the sounds of my stick clicking / button inputs) as part of his strategy. If he hears me buffering something, he instantly goes to crouch block, or whatever. I personally think this is really lame… he has really fast reflexes, it’s kinda ridiculous. When we play online or with music on our matches are a lot more even and fun. I have to always play super defensive against him because he guards / backs off on reflex whenever he hears me inputting anything.

We’re going to our first tournament this weekend, and he’s convinced that everyone at tournaments does this… is this true? I have a hard time believing it. Am I right to feel like this is lame and not meant to be part of the game?

Really though, props to him for being able to react to something so miniscule, if I try to do it WHILE thinking about the match I just get flustered.


for one id like to mention ive never really played in a tournament. but i played againsed some kid once who was pretty bad and I would listen for him trying to mash out dps on wakeup and just block them, pretty funny.


I don’t mash anything out, though. It’s not like on wakeup, it’s in any situation where he hears me do anything when we’re both neutral.


people do this whether unconsciously or not. put in fake inputs into your moves also. people also press the 3P and 3K buttons when they put them as non-functioning buttons.


I hate having to put fake inputs. I have enough trouble with the real ones XD. But the non-function buttons sounds real easy, I will try that! thankfully I never used them anyways.


Just faint a buffered move then throw him.


it’s part of the game. not within the game, but against the other player. input, opponent blocks, don’t press anything, throw.


I don’t know if you can really make such a generalization. It depends on if people play in an environment where its even possible (pretty difficult to listen to peoples inputs at game center).


I hear inputs if it’s not too loud and sometimes I react to them but, it’s not something I specically use as part of my strategy.


i’m talking about obvious places like at home or next to the guy unlike some gaming centers where each player has their own cab.


I was wondering what you friend did back in the day of arcades, it was too loud to hear anything.


Thanks for the replies. I just don’t like having to play a certain way to make up for something that is neither a part of the game or something you could/should “rely” on. It’s like we’re playing Listen-For-Clicks Fighter instead of Street Fighter.

Edit @ CI581: He’s never played in an arcade or any public setting.


Yeah the most awesome thing to do on someone like that, mash your 3p button (turned off) while waking up, so he thinks you’re gonna DP them bam wake up throw.


I know people that mash their “dead” buttons constantly just for static.


its fun to do, i have a friend who is decent who listens to my inputs and I just turn hit my 3p button all the time to fuck with him. Its pretty funny, also if you play a grappler you can really mindfuck him, buffer a 360 motion but dont go to up back and then have fun raping him as he jumps.

with hakan whenever i buffer i get my friend to jump and its usually over my head which means free air throw.


When I got them in the corner with hakan, I spam tea bag to make them scared of my spd, so they neutral jump. And then they land on my U2 :smiley:


i listen to my opponents button presses all the time. its part of the game.


it is part of the game. it’s messing/playing the player and not the character.


I have a friend who mashes a lot. It’s hard to ignore. I don’t go listening for inputs, but if they’re really loud, I notice, and take that into consideration.


Seeing this kind of post kind of shocks me. Listening for inputs is as old as dirt. Just be ambiguous about your moves, maybe don’t pound the buttons as hard which makes your sounds obvious. And always remember that humans react faster to sound than sight anyway.