Listening to music during a SSFIV game


Would you say the listening to music during playing helps or hurts your concentration? and how and what kinda of music could aid my game play during casual or tourney gameplay? I ask cause once i saw a picture of gootecks listening to his headphones while playing in a tourney? What are you guys thoughts?


I personally do much better with only the in-game sound, but some people might not.


Depends on whether you rely on aural cues besides visual cues + muscle memory. At least it should help drown out other potential distractions, you might even consider ear plugs instead.


I can play the game without sound but when the venue is REALLY noisy I can get distracted. Especially when you figure in the movement so close to you of so many other people. You need something to be able to take you out of the enviroment so you can focus on the game.

That’s the reason I would play with headphones.

Hasn’t been a problem yet though because the headphones themselves(the music) would be distracting. It’s hard for me to find music that’s loud enough to drone out outside noise but, not be too distracting itself.

Maybe noise cancelling headphones.


I tend to lean either way, but if you need audio cues to maintain your peak performance then I would say stick to the in-game audio. Of course, if Gootecks wears headphones, then maybe you should too…


I’ve only played in one proper tourney and I wore earbuds and listened to a handful of sombre mogwai tracks during matches to calm me down. If I play casual friendlies offline I just chat with whoever I’m playing with. If I’m playing online I normally have the game audio up with the in-game music turned down, and play other music through the xbox dashboard.


Unless I am out, I rather play with in-game sound.


I used to play with headphones on, but I recently noticed I was doing BETTER with out it, even in a noisy ass venue.


Headphones with game audio and music going through them.


A lot of the good players I know swear by having headphones on during their matches. Next time i play offline I’m going to do the same.


I don’t listen to music while I play all that often anymore, but when I do the music is always chill-out tracks, as opposed to fast adrenaline-rush tracks.
When I listen to my normal metal, I just end up playing sloppy and messing up. But when the music is calm, I seem to focus and play better.
And if you’re curious for a few specific tracks:

Katatonia - Unfurl
Amorphis - Alone
Deftones - Digital Bath
Celldweller - Welcome to the End

I know, kind of odd choices, but they numb out my rage when I make mistakes… which is a lot of the time


The Soundtrack SSFIV has is already good, crank Pitch Black Jungle up while playing Dan, it’s go time baby!


Hmm, I dunno. It would have to depend on the music, I think. I haven’t tried it personally. But I can imagine some calming ambient shit will put you in the ‘zone’ so to speak, make you less likely to do random shit and increase your concentration for links, anti-airs.
Or you know, just do amphetamines.


Doesn’t really matter to me, I usually put custom soundtracks on and roll with it until I get burned out on music. An Abel/Zangief match is never more intense than when Broken Wings is playing in the background.


Guiles Theme, It goes with everything


This is true.
Anyway try playing with music and without see what gets you in your zone more. Also just cause gootecks does it doesn’t mean it will work with you.