Lists of assists that OTG?

Does any one know of any other assits besides Wesker and Deadpool that OTG? I’m not good with extending Vergil’s combos, so I’m using an assits OTG, and I’m horrible with Wesker and dead pool. :frowning:

C. Viper, Felicia?
I don’t know any others.

Sentinel has rocket punch assist. I think X-23’s ankle slice OTGs as assist. Dante’s crystal assist OTGs. Firebrands hell spitfire OTGs but it’s slow so I don’t think its useful. Doom and Hawkeye have OTG assists but they’re not like the conventional OTGs and they need to be used with better timing.

C. Viper-seismic hammer

Felicia-sand splash

Arthur-fire bottle


Wesker-samurai edge down

Chris?- grenade idk

Firebrand-the firespit on the ground

Shuma gorath-mystic ray

sentinel- sentinel drones (bombs), rocket punch (down forward)

storm- typhoon

x-23- idk the name of the move sorry

deadpool- katanarama

dormammu- liberation

doctor doom- hidden missles

thor- I think (mighty something)

Iron man-Smart Bombs

hulk-gamma wave

she hulk- torpedo/chariot something like that

Some more probably

Thanks everyone. Appreciate it

Ghost Rider-B/Y
Iron Fist-B
Iron Man-Y
Super Skrull-A

Crimson Viper-B
Phoenix Wright-Y
Viewtiful Joe-Y

doctor doom’s missiles also otg

and I use them in like 90% of my combos!

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I think it’s important to note that not all of those actually OTG in time after an average air combo. They do have their uses though. With proper timing, Jill can combo after :dp::l: with Hidden Missiles, and I haven’t tested but maybe even Shocking Pink. Also, Liberation only hits OTG with OTG-capable charges.

ive been looking for list like this for a while. thanks

Very helpful, thanks.

A few days ago I actually went through every assist in the game to see what they did since I don’t have the guide. I was originally just looking for assists that still cause knockdowns, but ended up making notes for ground bounces, staggers, OTG, everything. If anybody thinks it’ll help I can type it up here.

There should probably be a thread made with a list of all the assist and what categories they fall in

Just wanted to point it out , its assist . not assits. lol. GRAMMAR NAZI AWAY!

Yeah I know it’s assists. Managed to typo it twice in one post. <_<