Little (and i mean LITTLE) tidbit

The grenade super is too good vs kim.

I swear, there is a certain sweetspot that all of the kim players i know always try to get into (just inside the range of his qcb+k and cdb, f+k, i suppose), and rolento’s grenade super just owns at this distance. If the kim is aggresive AT ALL, he will get tuned on by the 'nades.

That is all.

eh, kim sucks anyways don’t worry bout it… by the way… my bnb combo with rolento is jab jab jab, c. forward, baton move… less jabs depending on range… would someone who actually uses rolento tell my what it should be? or if thats the most damaging thing he has.

** UCRollerblader**

pretty sure if you just surfed this entire thread you would have found his b&b.

But anyways, its - x3 patriot cirlces.

Grenade super is really only useful if you’ve got die hard reflexes and a Lvl 2. ANYTIME you want the grenades to hit, you have to do the super as SOON as the person jumps. Otherwise, they’ll either land first. And grenade super doesn’t work on C-Groove people I don’t think…and if you’re playing A/K/P, watch them custom or parry their way out of it. So it’s really only useful against N/S or meterless A.

How dare anyone say Kim sucks…Kim is SORTA decent anyways lol.

obviously you havent watched any final showdown matches :smiley:

I’m having huge trouble landing the grenade super at the end of my CC. I just cant get it to land ever… Suggestions?

i need to create a great color scheme plz post urs. . . im not usin it online its just 4 my game i like to see ppls colors ill give u credit if ppl ask k? plus i only play w/ my bro and he’s on srk so neway post ur color scheme

:frowning: thank you… sniffle sniffle…

anyway i dunno i think gernade is to slow shrug.

here, here

I’m also having same problem when i custom i use light pun or light when hitting them up in the air once, when i land i jump up and do it again i find the opponent is a little higher up then when i luanched them but when land on the ground and have the super activated it doesn’t connect, unless there’s a dfferent way to do it.

maybe you have to super jump to put them in the air higher. I don’t know I think i’ll go try

you dont need to super jump…after the jab or short (right! after start the motion when you land to the correct buttons for the grenades and you’ll connect …

After you land from your j.strong->j.jab (if thats what you do; personally I use j.short… but whats the diff?), do a s.fierce XX Grenade super. You still have to be fairly quick when cancelling the s.fierce.

u dont even had to do a standing fierce to grenades if u dont have time or quick reflexes… i personally think its easier to do a j.strong and then as ur kind of coming down, do a j.jab or j.short (that way the kind go up again a little bit) and then launch the nades as soon as u hit ground…