Little av request

OK I got this one that TG made and I love it but I wantedto add a little something to it if anyone can I wanted some animation just of her winking one eye if anyone would like to take this one I would appreciate it.

Damn. Too bad Slide isn’t here. He’d tear it up quick. Stuff like that is his specialty.

He did make me an assload of avs back when but I’m sure someone can do it without problem.


not me, unless you want her eyelid to looks like a sprite.


I could have ago…But do you have the PSD?

No I don’t have the psd

You don’t need the psd to add animation to it.


So any takers?

Depends on what sort of animation you want…text, multi-color, image shine, any of those take your fancy?

He said he wants her to wink.

ur slow nas…

Now you people are just playing with my emotions.