Little Big Planet

I searched for a topic about this but couldnt find any if one exists sorry and delete.

Looking for active players on little big planet so i can get some of the trophies.

Could also do with some one who knows how to make a good contraption for helicopter flight as i cant finish my level untill i can make my heli fly realistically been working on the damn thing for weeks and its still nowhere near complete.

are to able to put rocket boosters on the bottom and the sides instead? when you say helicopter I’m thinking something that you can adjust your flight. Have you finished the story? Remember flying that hot air balloon in that level set in what seems to be Japan? Perhaps you can make it that way.

I’m not an active player on LBP, playing with others weird because there’s a lack of communication

Nah rocket boosters arnt what im looking for as they are too irratic and my heli needs to fly smooth as people need to be able to aim the missles and rockets. Is you have ever played Xscrubzilla’s level i need something like that.

Helicopter sounds fun! Let me know when you finish the level. I’ll have a go on it.

I’m not an active player, but I’m always down to play some LBP. Hit me up for some games & I’ll help you get some trophies.

i love LBP, get @ me whenever

Gona be along time before my level is finished as i cant get the heli to fly how i want so that part of it will have to wait (the heli is for 2 players only) So im just gona concentrate on the 1 player aspect where you get to use a submersible and a jeep.

Has anyone else ever had a level ‘moderated’? My first level was in the month the game came out Nov '08. Took me a whole week workng on it after work and a whole weekend tweaking it to perfection. I didn’t even have any copyrighted stuff in there. All of my creations were my own. I never got a reason why it was moderated and I heard I can never get it back online.

I traded in the game around Feb '09 but I bought a used copy again about 6 weeks ago just to see how far the community has come along (and they haven’t disappointed me!)

I’ve never had my levels moderated. I deleted them after a while though. Don’t know why. :lol:
It’s safe to keep your levels on your moon, in-case one of your levels gets deleted from moderation. You can go back & edit them. They added a feature where you can back up all your data. I have mine on my comp…