Little ''combo challenge'' for the PS3 users


Lately I’ve been interested in Kazuya’s EWGF,and asked myself if Kuro culd do it too,after a some test I found what could be one of the strongest combos that Kuro has:HP, (EWGF)X5 super and now I want to know: How many EWGF can be landed on a combo? so the challenge is simple:
Using Kazuya and Kuro (or Kuro and Kazuya) land as many EWGF as possible in one combo.
I don’t have moeny to give,neither glory or fame to you,just the satisfaction of doing it.
Almost forgot to say it:
you can use gems,but you can’t pre-set them (like doing 5 lp before the actual combo)


Considering post tag Kaz can land 4, and probably Kuro can also land 4, that would make it 16 I guess? (since you have to tag out from the 4th one in Kaz’s combo for the incoming partner to be able to do their post tag, I would assume its no different for Kuro)


No,Kuro can land about 6 EWGF due to being smaller and launching the opponent higer than Kazuya,plus the gems meaby enable another tag cancel or even two more