Little combo videos sfa3 & MVS


They are a little combo vdo maked in kawaks by me :stuck_out_tongue: jojo…
some ones are so simple because in the keyboard is very hard to do perfect :stuck_out_tongue:

Combos MVS and SFA3


please do fake akuma combo…


Chili is really in to it. Keep practising and try harder combos


You need to improve the video recording, theres a lot of missing frames, what program do you use to record your combos?
You can use camtasia to record from any emulator on window mode, and by using a smller window will be easyer to get better frama rate, for example: 320 x 240 works great.
If you need I can write some stuff about how to get the best video quality of recording from emulators with camtasia.
Also: if you need to good compression tools I can help.

btw: do you enjoy Vanessa-Mae? :slight_smile:


y for the capture i rip frame for frame and make video :stuck_out_tongue:
and the compresor i dont know who is the best jojojo…
Vanessa Mae is cool :slight_smile:
and capturing with camptasia my pc get slow and capture too bad :frowning:


Try this: use kawaks to any game, then open camtasia and set the recording wondow to 320x240 pixels, after that set kawaks window to the same size (you can use your move for that)
If you are on europe set the frame rate to 25, if you are on usa set the frame rate to 29, record with full uncompressed frames and set the audio for 44.100 Hz 16 bit stereo, with these options the file size will be huge but the video quality will be the best, that’s why there’s oustanding compressors like: Virtual Dub with DivX, LSX-mpeg, Tmpeg, etc…
There’s more details about recording with camtasia but this is a start (if you want)

and Vanessa Mae rocks.


WoW Thanks for that…
i keep in mind for the next time… But i need a Pc GamePad First jojojojo :stuck_out_tongue: