"Little Darlings" strip club to have strippers in street fighter outfits. get hype


my buds and i have made this spot the tradition since 09, and this year it happens to be “geek theme” on sunday. read the comments.


18+ or 21+?

EDIT:18+…we are fucking in there


Little Darlings is 18+ and fully nude. If you’re 21+ I recommend going to Spearmint Rhino even though it’s only topless. It’s much classier and better.


Front page says July 13th? I cant see the facebook link.


July 8th through 13th. (so basically after grand finals)

also fuck class. leme see dat Vajra.

Free limo ride and free entry if you call ahead, just gotta tip the driver like 5 bucks a head.


did you seriously just say ‘classier’ -_-


hmm adventure with #knives?


Is it worth goin on sunday afternoon? My plane leaves around 8 pm.


I’m over 21 so it’s Spearmint Rhino for me. And I wouldn’t call it classier but it is better. Strippers fly into Vegas for SR so the quality of girl is way higher. Also I’d recommend going on Thursday as well as Sunday. Thursday is always a lot slower and you can just chill out. If you come up at the casino you can already have an idea of where you’re going to invest your winnings the second time around.


Is it worth goin on sunday afternoon? My plane leaves around 8 pm.


We in there! o/


This so much. Spearmint Rhino is by far the best Strip club quality wise when it comes to chicks.

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topless < nude


It depends on how you like your strippers.


Eh, some girls I’d rather see fully clothed. With a paper bag over their face. And behind a wall.


I have a question, what’s the average pricing (entrance, drinks etc) on those clubs?


Spearmint is $20 for a dance. $$$ for “private room” (usually not worth it).
They’ll usually hustle you into getting a table esp if you’re with friends. That’s like $50 or $100 I forgot.
Like $10 a drink


Hm… now here comes the real question, can they top the girls we have here in Brazil? xP


This Spearmint place sounds pretty badass, and I land on Thurs hmm!!


i’ve been to Seamless and Rhino and hooked up with dancers from both (seamless chick visited me in my hometown) but Rhino is hands down one of the best strip clubs ive been to in my life…im from san francisco and we have alot of them…many of the girls are from all over the world and are super nice down to earth and most of all very hot. You will be satisfied spending a few hours there for sure