Little help making a joystick...please

Hey shoryuken comunity…after saw all of that wonders around the “Check out my new arcade stick!” Thread (damn those b15sdm sticks are sweet as hell) i decide to do my own stick but ihave a problem since i want to meke it form a joypad i have…

so i proced to open it and this is what came out…

so… my question is… is anybody can help me to find the point to do the soldering since im very noob at it and i dont want to mess it…:crybaby:
so thats prety much it… if anyone can help me ill been very thankful…
so thanks again…and sorry about my english,:smile:

Ps.anyone can resize the images cuz i duno how…:crybaby:

Blue is Ground.
Red is Signal.

for future reference, the signal will usually be the skinny line going towards the chip(?) in your case the black circle thing on the analog stick board. the ground will usually be bigger and go connect with other button’s ground

thank you sooo much for answer so fast… thanks for real…now i cant finish my stick…
i just have one question … Is there any way that i can use one only ground for all buttons and i want to know…(if it i’snt too much to ask:shake:) the ground and signal for the clear button cuz it works as the home button for ps3…

thank you so much again…and sorry if i bother you but im realy new on this…i realy appreciate it

Just choose one of the blues.

And like Tron li said, Ground is the side touching big green going to everything.
Signal is the side touching skinny green going to one place.

I was actually wondering the same thing. So basically what you’re saying that if I use a common ground controller I only need to wire one ground and the rest will work fine? This is with an Xbox 360 controller to a ps3 SSFIV TE fight stick.

It’s got the box that connects all the buttons to the pcb so I was considering cutting those wires and using a splice (wire nut perhaps) in the middle of the wire connecting them to the corresponding part on the xbox pcb. For the directionals I was going to solder the wire to the side of the Switch on each of the four on the joystick part. I noticed that I got an amperage reading when I applied my multimeter to the sides. The only issue that I ran into was finding a good place for the button in the middle of the xbox controller. (I was considering Select) Then finally I will use a DPDT switch to tie it all together. Would this all be acceptable or will I mess something up by doing this? If I am being unclear I can upload pictures after I get home from dinner.