Little Kasumi yells, "AAYAAANE!"

New to DOA and was wondering if I could get some advice on ayane:

I’m not really sure how her bt game works. What exactly are her best options while bt, particularly after a blocked or non counterhit 4P.

What are my best options while in close? In most games, jabs are essential up close, but I rarely hear anybody talk about her basic P or 2P. Do these moves have bad properties? Does the high priority of 4P make the move useful for pulling out right in front of your opponent’s face?

What are her best lows? Any details on her mix up game?

b+P is definitely one of the best things about Ayane and will beat many a move.

Her main mixup is easily b+K or b+P or b+P+Free where the b+P+Free gurantees a b+P (after the opponent is BT).

As for P vs. d+P, d+P is useful as always, almost Virtua Fighter 4 useful. P and PP for Ayane doesn’t seem so great, but it’s nice nevertheless.

There are of course some many other moves that are useful to consider.
b+K - mid-kick knockdown
b+K+Free - long-ranged stun move that gurantees b+P
qcf+K - closes the gap and punishes from afar
d/f+P,b+P - another way to stun and get into b+P

Some juggles that are useful with her:
b+P > P,P,b+P,u/b+K
f+P,P > P+K,P,P,u/b+K

She doesn’t have much of a low game. As for her BT game, you just gotta decide what you want to throw out after a blocked/non CH b+P. Usually people seem to throw out d+K or K or P+Free. go there get allt he information you need.

I already went to DOA central. Not really any help there, so I thought I’d make an attempt here.

Why isn’t P any good? I thought it was one of the fastest in the game? Also, does 4P blocked leave me neutral or at a disadvantage?

well talk to me on aim ill help you there

The best advice would be to not play her, way too many people are already abusing her cheapness across the world, try someone else…