Little mix up trick

First off, I am totally new to 3s, but I am an old Alpha 3 player. I picked up Ken in 3s, I think he is fun to play. I am still learning the game engine and everything, (like I have no idea when someone says kara shoryu, I only thought you could kara throw). I think that is the funnest part of getting into a game (learning all the stuff that is old news but new to you).

I am here to ask for any mix up tricks you got or anything, I don’t have too strong of a game yet, but I am working on it.

My favorite trick I found so far (Old newss to everyone else) is…

6throw > walk up 214lk (goes over them, last hit, connects right as they get up and your landing) > SA3

What the hell? 6throw? 214lk? I’m confuzzled.

look at your numpad


so 214lk is qcb+lk, etc.

WELL I’ll be a monkey’s uncle. Thanks ya for clearing that up.

lol thats hot!

236236+p !w00!

I feel you, Prophitt. I just started trying to get into the world of 2d’s with ken (figured he would be best to learn with till I find someone I like) like a week ago (after being with 3d’s on and off since 1999).

It’s awsome how I have no idea what everyone is talking about; I suppose I’ve forgotten what that felt like :sad: .

In so far as strat goes, what in the hell is good when you or your opponent is knocked down? Or, what are the get up/wake up games for ken?

Meaty Hits:

Wake up is like a 4 or 5 way paper-scissor-rock.
Depending on how risky/flashy or how safe you are.

First, see when it’s best to block High/Low.
It shows you how to find out when it’s best to Parry High/Low.

I almost always use low-parry on wake up. But then, I always eat tons more damage than I should.