Little Nemo

so, I was taking my orientation for school and on the way home me and the gf stop by Borders. I was looking for some Gotham Central trades, when I didnt find any I was going to buy Batman:Year 100 and Batman and the Mad Monk or whatever its called since I didnt get all the issues when they came out. then I saw it, just sitting on the shelf, yeah bitches, the complete Little Nemo collection staring me in the face. I immediately put the batman books away. at only $30 for a MASSIVE hardcover collection of this 400 something page collection is quite possibly the best deal Ive ever gotten on a book EVER.

Ive read about 20 pages so far and I must say it is amazing. its fucking beautiful, too much so for a newspaper comic. I love it. its so wild and imaginative, it reminds me of Geoff Darrow’s art style in terms of color and attention to detail.

go buy it! its only $30!
I give it 5 out of 5 magic walking beds

Yeah I have a collection of a lot of the old strips in my house. Not all of them though.

The author Winsor Mckay also did Gertie the Dinosaur, first animated cartoon ever.

Capcom made a game for Little Nemo too, heh! :lovin:

Sweet. I’ve seen that book and it looks very sexual. I’m putting that on my Amazon wish list so I won’t forget about it. We gotta respect the classics, baby.

I think gertie was made in 1912 or something. the oldest one that I could find was made in 1906. youtube that shit!

Yeah his Gertie routine was kind of a Vaudville act (I guess like an act you’d see on the Tonight Show by a guest). He’d talk to the cartoon on a screen and it would do whatever he said. Then later it became a silent film where the screen would say what Gertie should do and she would do it. Not sure of the timing of all this but it was dubbed the first animation in one of my animation books by Leonard Maltin, but I think it’s more because of how well Gertie moved and stuff. Kind of like how people dub Astro Boy the first ‘anime’ when it wasn’t. Well it’s pretty fair to say Gertie advanced the field a hell of a lot either way.

Oh hey here it is, the whole thing lol -


Otto Mesmer made Felix the Cat. Ub Iwerks made Mickey Mouse.
Leonard Maltin is an idiot.

Right I knew I was confusing Otto Mesmer with somebody so I edited those parts out of my post lol! Ah well, that animation course I took was 9 years ago. :rofl:

alright alright Ill let it slide…for now.

what kind of animation course did you take? was it more of an appreciation type class or was it a hands on type of thing?

Oh I took both type of classes. I even created my own cartoon, with music and everything! I have it on VHS. It’s just a chibi grim reaper chopping a girl’s head off and it loops like 3 or 5 times. The music I got off of one of Cypress Hill’s albums, in between songs they have like short 10 second beats so that was enough. LOL it was like 100 drawings I did for what is like 4 seconds of animation. Took me like 3 months to do, well about 2 hours a week because that’s how long the class was. :smile:

C’mon, bub. You can’t tell us about the cartoon you personally animated and edited without giving us a YouTube link to watch it.

It’s on VHS, very light pencil drawings so if it even shows up on camera is one thing. I would probably have to borrow my brother’s video camera or something to record it off of a TV… Or try some kind of VHS to CD transfer… Super busy ATM but I might try to do something later on, remind me in a few weeks. Can’t gauranty much though. One of my friends is tech savy, I’ll ask him about different ways to do this.

even though I never took any classes I still tried my hand at animating something. I drew a rocket ship counting down to blastoff and people in the control room pushing buttons. the ship blasts off and transforms into a robot. unfortunately my scanner decided to never work on my computer so I only scanned about 75% of it, plus I only got about halfway through the robot transformation before I ran out of paper. in total I think it was about 300 drawings over a few weeks. I used regular computer paper so tracing was a pain in the ass.

even though I cant find the file on this computer I think it might be on my grandpas computer, when I get around to it Ill look for it and put it on youtube for you to see how weak it is

now, this is a bit of contention for me. the Nemo book I bought has ALL the Nemo comics, its about 9"x12". the words are pretty tiny but its definitely readable. Sunday Pressbooks has 2 Nemo books reprinted in their original 16"x21" newspaper format but they are about 4 times more expensive ($120) and they dont collect the stories in chronological order. it was a tough decision, get the more expensive book and sacrifice getting every story but enjoy it at full size or get the cheaper smaller book with every story.