Little old request thread

I’m free for a week. And I’m bored as fuck.

Just some guidlines:
-Be a little paitient
-Don’t ask for rediculous stuff.
-Provide stocks if its something real obscure, or something I probably will have trouble finding. (IE, EVERYTHING)
-Show some skin.

Oh shit. It’s kame.

Think you could hook me up with an UltraMan av? I have no specs other than make it hot.

You can change/shorten/etc. whatever for my sn.

PS - I’ll show skin when I get avatar. ; )

I could try to supply pics if you’d like.

Yep, pics would help :slight_smile:

Nevermind, i found one

Good Luck you beaster

Sorry I took so long to find the pic. I was rounding up like 10.

Haha, You chose UltraMan Nexus. That’s my sn on a couple of games. AthNexus.

Can’t wait to see the finished piece.

Woot, return of Kame’s request thread.

hi kame :]

cant wait to see some av’s from you kame.

done, i tried something a little different from the old \o/… Got the idea from looking at some of OrangeCat’s avas.

w00t Kame back with requests!

i gotta get one, its like limited edition!

can i get a avatar of

and about the skin thing…

oh well why not


(yeah imma erase after a bit, i feel mis-used here -_-)


no nipple shots. :0

oh please. If his nips were pierced you’d have to send your slacks to the dry cleaners by now.

Uhhh…No. :0

…what if chibi’s was pierced…

Is Chibi a 5’7" Woman with perfect measurements?

he’s whatever you want him to be…or at least that’s what he told me :o

Howdy, Kame!!!

Leave my nipples alone!

Can I get an av, pretty please?

I’ll get the picture later, I just want to save my spot in line.

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

kay. I’d rather do the premium size anyway, the other ones are way too small :stuck_out_tongue:

AD- yours is coming

Deaf- Hey man :smiley:

heh, its kame the great!
i would request but im in the mood to make my own right now.
good luck w/ shit kame. :slight_smile: